Where is nuclear waste stored in Spain?

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Most of the radioactive waste generated in Spain -close to 95%- is very low, low and medium activity waste. These are permanently stored in the El Cabril centralized warehouse in Hornachuelos (Córdoba), which began operations in October 1992.

Where is nuclear waste deposited?

CADER is a temporary storage center operated by ININ, which receives low and medium level radioactive waste generated in non-energy activities in our country.

Where are the nuclear power plants located in Spain?

According to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, there are currently seven active nuclear reactors in Spain, located at five sites: Almaraz I and Almaraz II (Cáceres), Ascó I and Ascó II (Tarragona), Cofrentes (Valencia) , Trillo (Guadalajara) and Vandellós (Tarragona).

What does Spain do with its nuclear waste?

In Spain, most of the waste is of low and medium activity from hospitals or research teams, among others. These are stored in the centralized warehouse in Cabril (Córdoba), managed by the company ENRESA.

What is done with the waste from nuclear power plants?

What to do then with this radioactive waste? Hide and store them, either until they disintegrate or until a better solution is found. The different nuclear cemeteries are divided into categories, based on their levels of radioactivity.

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What is done with the waste from nuclear energy?

Nuclear waste cannot be recycled and is buried in specialized cemeteries. The process to generate electricity in nuclear power plants generates radioactive waste that must be treated safely.

How many nuclear power plants are there in Spain?

In Spain there are five nuclear power plants in operation, according to the Government itself, located in five different locations. The country has seven light water reactors with an installed electrical power of 7,398.77 megawatts (MW).

How many nuclear power plants were there in Spain?

In total there have been ten nuclear reactors in Spain distributed in seven nuclear power plants.

How many nuclear power plants does Spain need?

Spain needs to build up to three nuclear power plants to meet the growth in demand, according to PwC.

Where is a centralized temporary storage facility for high-level nuclear waste being built?

La Hague reprocessing center in Beaumont-Hague (France), where a large part of the high-level waste generated in Spain is sent.

How is nuclear plant waste disposed of?

The 3 main concepts of radioactive waste treatment, according to the Nuclear Safety Council are: Reducing the volume of waste. That can be achieved with evaporation, filtering, centrifugation or decontamination processes. The removal of radionuclides when possible.

How long does it take for nuclear waste to lose its radioactivity?

The nuclear power plants generate low and medium level radioactive waste that is stored at the ENRESA facility in El Cabril, as well as that of 20,000 other industries. These residues can be declassified after 300 years.

How many nuclear power plants are there in Spain in 2021?

In Spain, 5 nuclear power plants are in operation, located in 5 locations (see attached table), 2 of which have 2 reactors each (Almaraz and Ascó), for which a total of 7 light water reactors, with an electrical power installed capacity of 7,398.77 Megawatts (MW).

Who owns the nuclear power plants in Spain?

The sole owner of this sector is Endesa Generación SA (100%).

Who removed the nuclear power plants in Spain?

The Socialist Group celebrates the definitive closure of the Garoña nuclear power plant.

How many nuclear power plants are there in Germany?

The six active German nuclear power plants produce 8.5 GW. The German nuclear blackout is just around the corner.

How many nuclear power plants?

In total, it has 181 active nuclear reactors and 12 under construction, which supply approximately 26% of the total electrical energy consumed throughout the European Union each year. Countries like France, Finland and Slovakia are the ones building such nuclear reactors.

Where are there more hydroelectric plants in Spain?

Catalonia, Galicia and Castilla y León are the autonomous communities that have the greatest installed capacity in the hydroelectric sector, as they are the areas with the greatest hydroelectric resources within Spain (see graph of power plants, with the prominent name of the 10 largest plants) .

What was the first nuclear power plant in Spain?

The José Cabrera nuclear power plant is located in the municipality of Almonacid de Zorita (Guadalajara) in the region of La Alcarria, next to the Tagus River. The owner of its operation was Unión Fenosa Generación (today Gas Natural Fenosa) and it was the first nuclear power plant to come into operation in Spain.

How many years will radioactive contamination last in Chernobyl?

The accident was of such caliber that scientists have said that the area surrounding the old nuclear power plant will not be habitable again for another 20,000 years.

How long does radiation last?

External radiation is much like the process of getting a regular X-ray. The treatment itself is painless and takes only a few minutes, but each session can last 15 to 30 minutes due to the time it takes to set up the equipment and get you into the correct position.

How long does radiation last in a place?

It is estimated that some 20,000 years will have to pass before the exclusion zone can be habitable.

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