Where is the cheapest beer?

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The cheapest beer you can buy in the supermarket is priced at 0.23 euro cents and is sold in Mercadona and Carrefour. Spain is the country that consumes the most beer in the world with an average expenditure per person per year of 23.98 euros, and a per capita consumption of 18.11 liters per person per year.

Who makes Mercadona’s beer?

Mercadona’s beer is made in Valencia, at the Font Salem factory, which, according to the ranking of companies by El Economista, ranks fifth in the beer manufacturing sector. The OCU chose the Steinburg Especial as the one with the best value for money.

Who makes Lidl’s beer?

With regard to the large German supermarket chain, Lidl, it also has its star beer made by Font Salem, the Argus.

How much is a beer in Cadiz?

According to the data obtained, the average price of consuming a beer in Spain is 1.87 euros. The most expensive can be found in the center of Madrid, whose average is 2.93 euros. Cádiz is the cheapest province, with 1.25 euros.

How much is 1 Corona beer?

Corona Beer Prices

In La Mega and Chedraui we find the 12 pack of 355 ml. at $191, the bottle six pack at $85, the 355 ml bottle six pack. It is at $95 and the 940 ml bottle.

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How much does a beer cost at a bar?

The savings portal Cuponation has carried out a study through a survey in 103 bars in the main squares of each of the 50 provincial capitals and 2 autonomous cities. According to the price map obtained, the average cost of a beer in Spain is 1.87 euros.

What beers does Lidl have?

Enjoy our varieties of beer, such as Argus Shandy, with a touch of lemon, Argus Original 1 litre, Argus Negra and Argus Prestige. We also have Argus Ligera, Argus Mini and Argus Reserva 1844, for lovers of beer tradition.

Who makes the Argus beer?

Lidl beer. Argus beer, Lidl’s white label, is a classic of this drink in supermarkets. It is popular with customers for its competitive price and refreshing feel. The company behind Lidl’s beer is Font Salem, the same company that makes Dia’s cola or Carrefour’s sangria…

Who brews Spar’s beer?

Spar Cerveza is made in Spain and its style is Pale Lager. It is made by the Font Salem beer brand, which has others such as Molen Bier Cerveza Lager, Aurum Iberica Extra 7.5, Burge Meester Sin, Falsbourg Sin and Negra (and some more).

Who makes Mercadona’s toasted beer?

The product is made by the supplier Heineken and has been available in stores since December. Mercadona’s assortment of beers has not stopped growing in recent months. And it is that the Valencian supermarket chain has expanded its line with a new product: Falke Tostada 0.0%.

Who makes Mercadona’s Double Malt beer?

The supermarket chain has started selling Double Malta and Reserva, which compete with Alhambra and Voll-Damm, according to La Información. The supplier of these two Mercadona white label beers is the Moroccan group SBM-Casablanca, one of the divisions of the French group of alcoholic beverages Castel Group.

Who makes the steinburg beer?

With more than 25 years of experience, this company has been owned (70%) by the Damm group since 2001.

How much is a beer worth in Argentina?

A bottle of beer of a well-known brand: 1.80 USD. A sausage or cold cuts (1 kg): 8.20 USD. A mid-range wine (one bottle): 3.30 USD.

How much does a beer cost in Argentina?

The average cost of a 330 milliliter (ml) beer in the Argentine capital is US$1.79. -, according to the World Beer Index 2021 prepared by the US portal Expensivity last February.

How much does beer cost in Argentina?

In which countries is the cheapest beer sold?

South Africa appears as the cheapest country: buying a 300 ml bottle costs about US$1.68, while second place is Ukraine (US$1.76) and the podium is completed by Argentina, with US$1.79.

How much does a 24 beer cost in Mexico?

$336.00. Corona Extra Beer 24 bottles 355ml Corona Extra is a clear Pilsner-style Lager beer with 4.5 degrees of alcohol.

How much is Corona 24?

$185.00. Corona Extra is a Pilsner Beer with a straw yellow color with golden tones and soft notes of cereals. It contains 4.5% degrees of alcohol, a light flavor of high freshness and a perfect density in its foam. The sale will be made only to adults.

How much does a 12 loggerhead cost in Mexico?

$364 carton with 12 pieces.

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