Where to buy cryptocurrencies in Argentina 2021?

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P2P exchanges to buy or sell bitcoin in Argentina. P2P (person to person) exchanges allow you to buy or sell different cryptocurrencies through bank transfers with Argentine pesos (ARS), exchanges through PayPal, Zelle, Amazon giftcards or cash.

What is the best application to buy cryptocurrencies in Argentina?

FixedFloat allows you to exchange your cryptocurrencies quickly and safely. You choose whether fixed or variable exchange rates fit your strategy, and then our bots do the hard work of choosing the best deal for you.

Where can I buy bitcoin in Argentina?

After having the wallet or account in cryptocurrencies, there are several ways to transact and buy bitcoin in Argentina: through an exchange or person to person (P2P). Binance is one of the platforms that allows P2P (person to person) trading.

What is the safest site to buy bitcoin?

Coinbase: to invest in Bitcoin safely.

How to buy cryptocurrencies in Argentina?

How to buy cryptocurrencies

Sign up. Create your account to start the path to the crypto world. See more.Activate your account! Once your account is created, you will need to activate it to buy cryptocurrencies in pesos. See more. Charge balance. With your active account you can now load balance and choose the crypto you want to buy.33 related questions found

Where are cryptocurrencies bought?

Well, the most common way to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple (XRP) and/or any other type of digital currency is through exchanges. They can also be purchased at the special ATMs that exist for cryptocurrencies or someone can send them directly to your electronic wallet.

What is the safest platform to buy cryptocurrencies?

For specialists, Kraken Pro is one of the safest platforms to trade cryptocurrencies. Its commission is lower and it is highly chosen by investors with intermediate and advanced experience.

How much is the minimum to invest in Bitcoin in Argentina?

The Argentine fintech allows you to easily acquire cryptocurrencies through a mobile application with bank transfer and also offers a prepaid card that gives returns in bitcoins. The minimum investment amount is $200.

What is the best app to buy Crypto?

Coinbase – The most reliable, secure platform to invest and earn. Coinbase is the leading cryptocurrency exchange and has one of the best Android apps out there. Opening a Coinbase account (if you sign up, they give you 10% of your first deposit) is extremely easy.

What is the best Wallet in Argentina?

Trezor. One of the safest and most reliable hardware wallets on the market. It allows us to protect our assets from incursions into our system or attacks on centralized exchanges. Additionally, with its smartphone and desktop application, it allows you to operate with our cryptocurrencies.

What app do you recommend to buy cryptocurrencies?

Users can safely buy and sell their cryptocurrencies as Binance mediates all transactions.

Next, the applications most used by Argentines to start investing.

    Bitso. …Defiant. … Rubble. …Kraken. … GoodBit. …Muun wallet. …Gemini. … SatoshiTango.

What is the minimum to buy Bitcoin?

However, each platform has a minimum purchase amount, which is generally about 10 dollars or its equivalent in pesos (to which you must add the taxes associated with the purchase of dollars).

How much is the minimum to invest in Bitcoin?

There is no minimum amount to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, some exchanges like Binance have a minimum transaction of $10. Other platforms, such as Coinbase, offer an even lower minimum of $2.

How much is the minimum that a Bitcoin can buy?

The machine exchanges a minimum amount of $20,000 and requires user verification after the purchase of $1 million.

How much is Bitcoin today?

The current price of a unit of itcoin is: Bitcoin. US$42575.03. AR$4,981,278.51.

How much is Bitcoin worth today?

The current price is US$42,658.06 per BTC.

How much is a cryptocurrency worth in euros?

The conversion value of 1 BTC to 28397 EUR.

How to buy and sell cryptocurrencies?

Where to buy and sell bitcoin in Argentina (2022)

Exchange. The easy and accessible change platform. FixedFloat allows you to exchange your cryptocurrencies quickly and safely. … Play. – Play Fantasy Football and collect NFTs! … Trading. Binance – The crypto ecosystem. … Bets. – The best bitcoin casino!

How to buy cryptocurrencies safely?

Safe pages to acquire Bitcoins

Coinbase: This is one of the most popular websites you can find, fast and easy to use. … Binance: Another of the most popular platforms in the world for buying cryptocurrencies. … Kraken: Another of the largest portals in terms of cryptocurrency trading.

What is the best virtual wallet for cryptocurrencies?


It is the safest wallet to use from any Smartphone. It offers the possibility to operate with more than 160 tokens, as well as store ERC-20 and ERC-223 tokens. It also allows higher profits when holding cryptocurrencies. It is only available for ios and Android.

Which virtual wallet is better Argentina?

Payment Market

Created by Mercado Libre, it was one of the pioneer electronic wallets in Argentina. From the parent company Mercado Libre, it was a pioneer in Argentina with payments through the QR code and is the most used wallet in the country, with some 5.4 million users.

What is the best virtual wallet in Argentina?

Some of the most used virtual wallets in Argentina are the following: Mercado Pago. ID account. VALEpei.

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