Where was Calvo Sotelo born?

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Leopoldo Ramón Pedro Calvo-Sotelo y Bustelo was a Civil Engineer, Canals and Ports and Spanish politician. He held the titles of Marquis of the Ría de Ribadeo and Grandee of Spain.

When did Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo govern?

The Calvo-Sotelo Government was the Government of Spain between February 1981 and December 1982. Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo was invested as President of the Government by the Congress of Deputies after Adolfo Suárez resigned in the 1st legislature of Spain.

Who really killed Carrero Blanco?

The murder of Carrero Blanco, also known by his code name “Operation Ogre”, was an attack perpetrated by the terrorist organization Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) on December 20, 1973 against Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco, President of the Spanish Government during Franco’s dictatorship.

Who is Gil Robles?

José María Gil Robles y Quiñones (Salamanca, November 27, 1898-Madrid, September 14, 1980) was a Spanish politician and lawyer, deputy in the Republican Courts between 1931 and 1939, and Minister of War in 1935.

Who killed more in the Spanish civil war?

Spain, 1936-1959) further limit the estimates. According to the latest studies, some 300,000 soldiers from both sides died on the front lines. Nearly 200,000 people were executed (the Republicans killed some 50,000 – including 6,800 members of the clergy – and the Nationals some 130,000-140,000).

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Who was General Mola?

Emilio Mola Vidal (Placetas, July 9, 1887-Alcocero, June 3, 1937) was a Spanish soldier who played an important role during the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera and the Second Republic.

Who ruled Spain in 1981?

Adolfo Suárez González resigns as President of the Government on January 29, 1981. Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo y Bustelo is appointed to succeed him in office and is invested by the Congress of Deputies as the new President on February 25.

What party ruled in Spain in 1981?

It was preceded by the constituent legislature and succeeded by the 2nd legislature. The Democratic Center Union obtained a simple majority in the Congress of Deputies. Adolfo Suárez was invested as President of the Government and formed his third Government. He resigned on January 29, 1981.

Who ruled in Spain in 1983?

On November 3, 1983, the President of the Government, Felipe González, appears before the Congress of Deputies to explain the Government’s measures against terrorism.

Who replaces José Giral?

That same night Giral would present his resignation to Azaña, a decision that he would communicate to his ministers the following day, September 4. He would be replaced by the socialist leader Francisco Largo Caballero.

What political party led José María Gil-Robles?

José María Gil-Robles y Gil-Delgado (Madrid, June 17, 1935) is a Spanish lawyer and politician affiliated with the Popular Party who presided over the European Parliament between 1997 and 1999.

How many children did Carrero Blanco have?

The report also includes lurid family passages: “Married to the late Carmen Pichot Villa since 1929, Carrero Blanco has three sons and two married daughters. At some point it was rumored that Carrero’s wife was embarrassing him in his official life.

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