Where was Olvido Gara born?

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María Olvido Gara Jova, better known by her stage name Alaska, is a Spanish-Mexican singer, actress, composer, television presenter, businesswoman, writer, producer, philanthropist and disc jockey.

What happened to the group Alaska and Dinarama?

The group dissolved in 1982. In 1982 Carlos, Nacho and Alaska released the album ‘Canciones profanas’, but in 1984 with the album ‘Deseo Carnal’, they placed songs like ‘Un hombre de Verdad’ and ‘Como you could do this to me’.

What happened to the Pegamoids?

The dissolution of the group, was already forging from the recording of the album, between the end of 1981 and the beginning of 1982, which was followed by the departure of Carlos Berlanga.

What happened to Fangoria?

2021: Pop Existentialism

Fangoria announced through their official Instagram profile in early December 2020 that they were recording a new album. In January 2021 they announced that it was completely recorded.

Who is Mario Vaquerizo’s partner?

Many say that they do not believe in love after the breakups of Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero or Almudena Cid and Christian Gálvez. But with couples like Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo, no one can lose hope. They form one of the most stable couples in show business and have shown that their love is true and eternal.

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Why is Alaska called Alaska?

Alaska is named after the Aleut word alyeska or alaxsxaq, meaning “great land,” or more literally, “the object against which the action of the sea is directed.”

How much do Mario Vaquerizo and Alaska get along?

20 years together, it is soon said, five years away from celebrating their silver anniversary. And although there are still skeptics who question their relationship, Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo form one of the most established couples in the world of culture and entertainment in our country.

How long have Alaska and Mario been together?

Alaska and Mario were married for the first time on November 29, 1999, when the couple married in Las Vegas, so in the year 2021 they will have been married for 22 years. 21 years ago today we said “yes I do”.

How many children does Alaska have?

They have been together for more than twenty years, and they have no children. Why? The answer is simple: Alaska has never wanted children.

Who forms Fangoria?

Fangoria is an electronic music band from Madrid created in 1989 by Alaska (vocals and sometimes guitar) and Nacho Canut (keyboards) after the dissolution of Alaska and Dinarama together with Carlos Berlanga. Established as a duo, both artists…

What does the word Fangoria mean?

Fangoria is a musical group with various musical genres, it is made up of Alaska and Nacho Canut, both members of the musical group called “Kaka de Luexe”. Despite its diversity in musical nuances, its core genre is pop, electronica and glam.

What is the title of Fangoria’s latest work?

What is clear is that Olvido Gara doesn’t stop, and now she presents us with her latest work with Fangoria: “Pop Existentialism”.

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