Which car is better the Vento or the Virtus?

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The difference between Virtus and Vento is not in numbers, but in practice. As the Volkswagen Virtus is a more recent model, its behavior behind the wheel is better. In the city you will feel less jumpy, and on the road you will notice that it leans better in curves.

How good is Vento 2021?

By integrating three volumes of the Polo, the 2021 Vento goes one step further and positions itself as one of the best cars when it comes to space and comfort.

How good is the Virtus 2022?

The Volkswagen Virtus is a good option, however its price has increased considerably. Fortunately, it is a little more equipped and has better technological features. If you want a subcompact sedan that packs a lot of punch, it’s worth it.

How many kilometers per liter does the Virtus give?

volkswagen virtus

Despite its age, it achieves outstanding consumption figures, especially at constant speeds. At 100 km/h, it needs 5.6 liters of fuel to cover a hundred kilometres, with a range of 928 kilometers thanks to one of the largest tanks in the segment (52 litres).

How much does the Virtus 2020 consume?

We have that the combined performance of the Volkswagen Virtus 2020 is 12.19 kilometers per liter (the official laboratory announced by Volkswagen is 16.4 Km/l, just for reference).

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What gasoline does the 2021 Virtus use?

Fuel type Magna (Mexico) 87 octane.

What engine does the Virtus 2022 bring?

For 2022, the brand adds equipment that can be valuable but does not add the 1.0 turbo engine that many ask for or a wider range of versions and equipment, since it only continues with a Comfortline version available with the 110 hp 1.6 MSI engine and transmissions. 5-speed manuals or 5-speed automatics

What engine does the 2022 Virtus have?

Beyond these technological innovations, Virtus 2022 maintains the same 1.6-liter engine with 110 hp, available with two transmissions, a five-speed manual and a six-speed Tiptronic.

How much does the 2022 Volkswagen Virtus cost?

Volkswagen Virtus 2022: Prices

Virtus Tiptronic transmission: $335,990 pesos.

How many kilometers per liter does a 2021 Vento give?

Precisely on this subject, Vento has a combined consumption of up to 16.7 km/l in the version with a 5-speed manual transmission and 16.1 km/l for the version with a 6-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission with 3 driving modes (Drive, Sport and Manual), which would allow to travel just over 1,000 kms with a tank…

How many liters of gasoline can fit a 2021 Vento?

With these data, a 55-liter tank provides a range of 918 km in gasoline and 1,254 in the TDI version.

How much does a Vento 20 tdi consume?

an ideal companion

The first reading of the trip computer was 6.8 l/100 km (14.7 km/l), not bad for a trip with heavy traffic, at rush hour and between the hills that surround the Valley of Mexico. The Vento handles very well, is more comfortable than I expected, and doesn’t tire the driver out.

How many safety stars does the 2021 Vento have?

Volkswagen’s Vento sedan earned the highest possible safety rating: five stars for adult occupants and three stars for child occupants.

What is the price of Vento 2021?

We know that the engine of your life is your family, so we want to take care of your world and accompany you to live every special moment at Vento 2021, which is available at a cash price from $259,990 pesos.

How many versions does the Virtus 2022 have?

2 versions of 2 versions shown.

Where is the Virtus 2022 manufactured?

India will start production of the Virtus in the first half of 2022, so it stands to reason that the first units will arrive as early as the 2023 model year, including a Polo-inspired facelift that was unveiled for Europe last week, which is basically the same car. but with a gate instead of having one…

Where is the 2022 VW Virtus made?

The Volkswagen Virtus will start manufacturing in India in 2022: the goodbye to Vento is drawing near. Volkswagen is preparing its factory in India to start production of a new generation of models, including the Virtus.

Where is Virtus made?

Thus, the Virtus that is sold in Mexico will no longer be the one that is manufactured in Brazil and will now arrive from the Indian plant located in the city of Pune, in the state of Maharashtra, Volkswagen confirmed in a statement.

How many cylinders does a Virtus have?

Volkswagen Virtus review according to our specialists

In Mexico, it is powered by a 1.6 L MSI naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine. The trunk capacity is 521 liters.

How many kilometers does a Volkswagen travel?

The Volkswagen for its part, asks for 9.6 liters per hundred, and can travel 572 kilometers with a tank of fuel.

What segment is the Virtus?

Coming from Brazil, the B-segment sedan incorporates new equipment for areas such as comfort and safety.

How many liters of oil does the Virtus 16 take?

* 5 Liters of 5w30 grade Synthetic Premium Motorcraft Original oil.

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