Which celebrities have birthdays in October?

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Which soccer player was born on October 17?

Along with him, Sebastián Abreu (10/17/1976) also stands out, a scorer who wore 26 shirts, being a world record.

Who’s birthday is on August 17?

53 years

    Rachel Hurd-Wood born 31 years ago Austin Butler born 30 years ago David Conrad born 54 years ago Ryan Driller born 39 years ago Farah Zeynep Abdullah born 32 years ago Maureen O’Hara born 101 years ago Donnie Wahlberg born 52 years ago. Mark Salling born 39 years ago.

Which player has a birthday on October 13?

1961 – Doc Rivers, American basketball player and coach. 1962 – Jerry Rice, American football player. 1967 – Trevor Hoffman, American baseball player. 1977 – Paul Pierce, American basketball player.

Which soccer player was born on October 13?

2001). Gabriel Agbonlahor, British footballer, was born on October 13, 1986.

Which celebrity was born on November 13?

1943 – Paco Melo, Spanish soccer player. 1944 – José María García, Spanish sports journalist. 1947 – Joe Mantegna, American actor. 1952 – Maria Mercé Marçal, Spanish poet, professor of Catalan, narrator and translator.

Which singer was born on October 14?

On October 14, the actors Lillian Gish, Roger Moore, José Luis Reséndez and Sherlyn, the fashion designer Ralph Lauren and the singers Cliff Richard and Thomas Dolby were born; The musician Ángel Villoldo, the actors Errol Flynn, Bing Crosby, the composers Leonard Bernstein and Norbert Schultze died.

What celebrity has a birthday on October 15?

31 years

    Vanessa Marcil born 52 years ago.William Brent (II) born 26 years ago.Bridgette B born 38 years ago.Paul Walter Hauser born 35 years ago.Tanya Roberts born 66 years ago.Noel Gugliemi born 51 years ago.Lena Klenke born 35 years ago 26 years old. Robert Baker born 42 years ago.

What is celebrated on October 13?

Today, like every October 13, the “Day of the Psychologist” is commemorated in our country, a date that was instituted in 1974, when the Confederation of Psychologists of the Argentine Republic convened the First National Meeting of Psychologists and Psychology Students in the Cordoba city.

What happened on October 13?

1972 – A Uruguayan plane crashes in the Andes mountain range with 45 people on board (29 die). 1974 – Ed Sullivan, American television host, dies. 1980 – Argentine Adolfo Pérez Esquivel receives the Nobel Peace Prize. 1981 – Antonio Berni, Argentine painter and engraver, dies.

What happened on October 13?

Ephemeris of October 13, 2021

1775: The United States Army is founded. 1780: In the Antilles Islands (Caribbean Sea) it is the fourth day of the Great Hurricane of 1780, the first hurricane with the highest number of fatalities for which data is available (22,000 direct deaths, 27,000 total deaths).

What is celebrated on October 13 in the United States?

October 13, 1775: founding of the United States Navy during the War of Independence. The US Navy was born in 1775, during the War of Independence, by order of George Washington to counter British power and promote trade.

What celebrities are birthday today?

56 years

    Ron Howard born 68 years ago George Eads born 55 years ago Justin Bieber born 28 years ago Lupita Nyong’o born 39 years ago Marián Álvarez born 44 years ago Jack Davenport born 49 years ago Mark-Paul Gosselaar born 48 years.David Niven born 112 years ago.

What happened on October 13, 1972?

The Fairchild Hiller 227 of the Uruguayan Air Force that crashed in the Andes mountain range.

What is celebrated on August 17 in the world?

Today, Tuesday, August 17, like every year, is World Pedestrian Day, a celebration that was promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1897 when the first traffic incident occurred that left a pedestrian victim.

What is remembered on August 17 in the world?

Every August 17 since 1925, Bolivia celebrates Flag Day in commemoration of the anniversary of the creation of the first Bolivian insignia in 1825.

What happened on August 17 in the world?

8/17/1969: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, German architect, dies. 8/17/1970: Peruvian singer Gian Marco Zignago is born. 8/17/1983: Ira Gershwin, composer of songs for Broadway musicals, dies. 08/17/1987: Nazi Rudolf Hess, lieutenant of Adolf Hitler, dies.

What is celebrated on October 17 in Spain?

This October 17 is the day to remember the work and life of Saint Ignatius of Antioch, a direct disciple of Saint Paul and Saint John. That means that today almost 90,000 men in Spain baptized as Ignacio will receive a congratulation, according to data from the INE.

What is celebrated on October 17, 2016 Colombia?

This is how the Day of the Race is commemorated in Colombia

In the case of Colombia, special recognition is made and the work carried out by the indigenous, black, white, mestizo, mulatto and zambo people, who make up the country’s ethnic and racial diversity, is highlighted.

What day is Psychologist’s Day celebrated?

This May 20th we celebrate Psychologist’s Day, because a day like today, but in 1937 the first license to practice the profession in our country was delivered.

What is celebrated today October 13, 2021?

2021 – DAY OF THE PSYCHOLOGIST. The Day of the Psychologist is celebrated in commemoration of the First National Meeting of Psychologists and Psychology Students held in the city of Córdoba in 1974.

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