Which country is richer Mexico or Chile?

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In terms of the size of the economy, we can observe the great difference between the two nations, since Mexico has a GDP of $1.6 billion dollars, while Chile is only close to $300 billion.

Which country has a better economy, Chile or Mexico?

Source: International Monetary Fund, World Economic Forum, United Nations Development Program, World Bank. Chile is the 42nd largest trading country in the world. Mexico is the 13th country that trades the most in the world.

Which country is poorer Chile or Mexico?

This is shown by the 2021 Regional Human Development Report, published yesterday by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which also revealed that Chile is the country with the greatest inequality in income distribution: there, on 10 Richest % of the population accumulates 60% of the wealth; while …

What is the richest country in Latin America?

Excluding the Caribbean countries and territories, Uruguay recorded the highest GDP per capita in Latin America in 2020, with income of almost 15,700 dollars per person, followed by Chile, with more than 13,200 dollars, and in third place, Panama, with about 12,250 dollars per capita.

What is the richest country in Latin America 2021?

The Canal is a leading construction in world logistics and with a great capacity for expansion, which contributes to making Panama the richest country in Latin America in 2021.

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What are the richest countries in Latin America?

Brazil and Mexico are the largest economies in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the gross domestic product (GDP) registered in 2020. In that year, the amount of goods and services produced in Brazil reached an estimated value of 1.43 trillion dollars Americans, based on current values.

What is the best country in Latin America?

Stay updated! Colombia was the best Latin American country on the list above Chile, which fell one square to drop to 31st place; Brazil, which increased three and stood at 32; and Mexico, which advanced seven and was 33.

What is the poorest country in Latin America?

More than 250 million inhabitants suffer from poverty in Latin America, of which some 60 million people suffer from extreme poverty, a figure that has been continuously increasing since 2017. This list is headed by the Republic of Haiti.

What is the richest country in Latin America 2022?

Panama leads the growth projections for 2022. Among the smaller countries, Panama is leading the list of growth projections for next year made by ECLAC.

What is the country with the least inequality in Latin America?

Thus, Brazil (51.3), Colombia (50.8) and Panama (50.4) are the countries with the highest inequality in the region, while Argentina (42.4), El Salvador (40) and Uruguay (39.7) are the countries with the lowest income inequality. in Latin America.

What are the 5 most unequal countries in Latin America?

Uruguay and Argentina follow. In contrast, Colombia presents the largest development gaps, followed by Paraguay, Brazil and Mexico”, says the document explaining Idere Latam. Regarding Colombia, he indicates that in the institutions dimension, the departments were concentrated in a medium and medium-low level of development.

What are the 6 most unequal countries in Latin America?

The six most unequal countries in Latin America

    53.7 Honduras.53.5 Colombia.52.9 Brazil.52.4 Guatemala.51.7 Panama50.5 Chile.

What place does Chile occupy in the world economy?

The country has been stuck at the bottom of the world average ranking in the last three years, occupying positions 67 and 68. In addition, in the 2021 ranking Colombia occupies position 17 among the 34 economies of the upper middle income group. .

What place does Chile’s economy occupy in the world?

Chile’s economy is the fifth largest economy in Latin America in terms of nominal gross domestic product (GDP), and in terms of GDP at purchasing power parity (PPP) prices.

How is the Chilean economy doing?

Chile has had the ability to overcome the recession caused by the covid-19 crisis, so GDP growth in 2021 would reach 11.5%, according to Central Bank projections.

What are the poorest countries in Latin America 2020?

In 2020, only three of the 20 selected countries in Latin America had less than 20% of their population below the poverty line: Jamaica, Uruguay, and Chile. While countries like Guatemala and Haiti recorded figures above 55%.

What is the poorest country in the world 2022?

1. Democratic Republic of the Congo / The poorest country in the world 2022.

What are the 3 countries with the best quality of life in Latin America?

According to the global firm, in Latin America the country with the best quality of life is Uruguay with 124.80 points, followed by Ecuador with 123.09 and Mexico with 120.65. Quality of Life Index in America according to Numbeo.

What is the Latin American country with the best economy?

The most developed economies in terms of GDP per capita PPP according to IMF PROJECTIONS in April 2021 are Panama, with US$30,390, and Chile, with US$24,930.

What is the best country in Latin America to emigrate?

Uruguay. Many foreigners consider that Uruguay is the best country to emigrate in Latin America. The main reason is the ease with which immigrants find a legal job and quickly normalize their stay.

What are the most unequal countries in the world?

Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho and Namibia are in the top positions. South Africa is the most unequal country in the world and the racial aspect is one of the determining factors, in a society where 10% of the population owns more than 80% of the wealth, according to a World Bank report published on Wednesday.

What are the countries with the greatest social inequality?

The World Bank reviewed that the five most unequal countries in the world are Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Suriname and South Africa, this being the largest with a Gini index rising to 0.63.

Why is Colombia one of the most unequal countries in the world?

Colombia is the second most mega-diverse country in the world and occupies a privileged position in relation to the natural wealth of the planet. Even so, we have the most unequal regions in Latin America, because the environmental potential of many departments has gone against the socioeconomic well-being of its inhabitants.

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