Which famous artist has a birthday on October 5?

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# stars are born today

    Kate Winslet. 46 years.Jacob Tremblay. 15 years.Jesse Eisenberg. 38 years old. Angela Molina. 66 years old.

Who’s birthday is on October 6?

1947 – Patxi Andión, Spanish singer and actor. 1948 – Gerry Adams, Northern Irish politician 1948 – Glenn Branca, American guitarist and songwriter 1949 – Bobby Farrell, American DJ and singer, of the band Boney M (d.

Who was born in October?

Pelé, Diego Maradona and Maribel Verdú among those celebrating this month.

Which soccer player has a birthday on October 6?

Athletes whose birthday is on October 6

    1974 – Walter Centeno, Costa Rican soccer player. 1978 – Ricky Hatton, British boxer. 1981 – José Luis Perlaza, Ecuadorian soccer player. 1982 – Michael Frater, Jamaican athlete. 1988 – Austin Berry, American soccer player. 1989 – Pizzi, Portuguese soccer player.

Who has a birthday on December 5?

1985 – Frankie Muniz, American actor 1985 – Josh Smith, American basketball player 1988 – Ross Bagley, American actor 1989 – Kwon Yuri, South Korean singer, member of the group Girls’ Generation.

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Which idol has a birthday on December 5?

SNSD Yuri’s Birthday

    What day is SNSD Yuri’s birthday?: December 5. SNSD Yuri fancam.

What is celebrated on December 5?

Every December 5th International Volunteer Day is celebrated.

What happened on October 6?

On October 6, 1923, the victorious forces of the First World War withdrew from Istanbul. On October 6, 1973, Syria and Egypt attacked Israel. The Yom Kippur War begins. On October 6, 1987, Fiji became a republic.

What happened on October 5?

1743: the town of Rancagua is founded in Chile. 1762 – In the Philippines, the British occupy the city of Manila. 1789: March on Versailles to protest to King Louis XVI of France for lack of food. 1793: In France, the government officially declares Christianity abolished.

What happened on October 10?

2009 – Hispanic-Argentine singer Luis Aguilé dies. World Mental Health Day is celebrated. World Day Against the Death Penalty is commemorated. The National Day of the Technician is celebrated in Argentina.

Who was born on October 4?

Who was born on October 4? 1912: Francisco de Asís Cabrero, architect. 1917: María Teresa Sesé, writer. 1922: Francisca Adame Hens, Spanish activist for the recovery of historical memory and poet.

Which soccer player was born on October 4?

1975 – Cristiano Lucarelli, Italian soccer player. 1976 – Mauro Camoranesi, Italian footballer.

Which soccer player has a birthday on October 4?

Athletes with birthdays on October 4

    1955 – Jorge Valdano, former Argentine soccer player. 1963 – AC Green, former American basketball player. 1975 – Cristiano Lucarelli, former Italian soccer player. 1976 – Mauro Camoranesi, former Italian soccer player. 1980 – Giovanni Federico, German soccer player of Italian origin.

What is celebrated on October 6, 2021?

Santoral: October 6 – Saint Bruno’s Day 2021

San Bruno de Colonia, was the founder of the Carthusian order.

What is celebrated on October 6 Venezuela?

Ephemeris of Venezuela October:

October 5: Birth of Teresa de la Parra. October 6: José Antonio de Armas Chitty dies. October 7: Feast of the Virgen del Rosario, and María Antonia Bolívar Palacios dies. October 9: Foundation of Trujillo, and Foundation of Mérida.

What is celebrated on December 5 in Peru?

In Peru, the Mining Worker’s Day has been celebrated every December 5 since 1989, including all workers, men and women, who provide services in metal and metallurgical mining who work in companies governed by the General Mining Law. .

What is celebrated on December 5 Peru?

In Peru, December 5 is a very special day. On this date, National Volunteer Firefighter Day is celebrated.

Which K-pop idol has a birthday in December?


    DECEMBER 1ST. 1988: Siwan (ZE:A) … DECEMBER 4. 1992: Jin (BTS) … DECEMBER 5. 1989: Yuri (SNSD) DECEMBER 7. 1995: Sowon (GFRIEND)…DECEMBER 10. 1996: Kang Daniel (WANNA ONE) … DECEMBER 11. 1995: Shinwon (PENTAGON) DECEMBER 12. 1990: Seungri (BIG BANG)…DECEMBER 13.

Which idols have birthdays in December?

    December 5: Girls’ Generation’s Yuri December 9: SHINee’s Minho and ZE:A’s Heechul December 12: Big Bang’s Seungri, T-ara’s Qri and Eunjung December 14: SHINee’s Onew and B -Block B’s Bomg. December 15: JYJ’s Junsu (The birthday on his profile is January 1)

Which member of BTS has a birthday in December?

V. He celebrates his birthday on December 30, and like Jimin, he was born in the year 1995.

Who died on October 4?

On October 4, 1052, Vladimir of Novgorod, prince-elect of the Republic of Novgorod, died (b. October 4, 1990, died Jill Bennett, British actress (b., died on October 4, 1992, Denny Hulme, New Zealand racing driver) (no.

What happened on a day like today, October 4?

10/04/1944: Rocío Dúrcal, Spanish singer, was born. 10/04/1946: Susan Sarandon, American actress, was born. 10/04/1963: Yugoslav President Josep Broz “Tito” was passing through Lima and met with his counterpart Fernando Belaunde. 10/04/1975: Janis Joplin, American singer, dies.

What is celebrated on October 4 in Argentina?

World Animal Day is celebrated on October 4 in commemoration of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Which celebrity was born on October 3?

17 years

    Tessa Thompson born 38 years ago.Seann William Scott born 45 years ago.Denis Villeneuve born 54 years ago.Neve Campbell born 48 years ago.Jessica Parker Kennedy born 37 years ago.Tamar Novas born 35 years ago.Alanna Ubach born 46 years ago .Shannyn Sossamon born 43 years ago.

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