Which pensioners are entitled to the allowance 13?

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This 13th allowance or December premium is already in the bank accounts of 44,338 beneficiaries of the AFP disability, old age and survival pension. By law, all pensioners have the right to receive that additional allowance called allowance 13.

When do you have the right to allowance 13?

2011, they are only entitled to receive 13 pension payments per year. It is worth clarifying that those people who acquired the right to a pension, prior to July 25, 2005, the effective date of legislative act 01 of 2005, receive 14 annual allowances regardless of the amount of their pension.

Who is entitled to the allowance fourteen?

The allowance 14 was created by article 142 of Law 100 of 1993, for pensioners whose pension did not exceed 15 monthly minimum wages. Subsequently, legislative act 01 of 2015 eliminated the pension allowance, keeping it in force until 2011 for those who had a pension of up to 3 minimum wages.

What is allowance 13 for pensioners?

Additional Allowance: Semi-annual life pension that aims to guarantee a decent quality of life, and that is independent of the monthly life pension, corresponding, then, to two additional monthly allowances per year, for this reason they are called allowance 13 and 14. They are paid at the end and mid-year, respectively.

Who took the allowance 14 from pensioners?

5.4 Subsequently, Legislative Act 1 of 2005 eliminated the fourteenth allowance for those who acquired pension status as of July 25, 2005 and their pension was greater than three (3) legal minimum wages.

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Which pensioners are entitled to the June premium?

All pensioners in the country are entitled to the June premium established in the Social Security Law. In other words, there are 96,000 and not 50,000 people benefiting from the additional allowances that were established for the month of June.

How is the demand for allowance 14 going?

Requirements of How to recover the Allowance 14

But for this to be possible, the pensioner must meet the following requirements: He must have retired before July 25, 2005 and the total amount of his pension is below the minimum wage for 15 months.

Which pensioners are entitled to the allowance 14 in Colombia?

For its part, article 142 of said law determined the payment of another additional allowance in the month of June – allowance 14 – of each year that, by virtue of ruling C-409-1994 of the Constitutional Court, was applied to all pensioners without exception.

How much does the 2022 pension allowance go up?

In these cases, the pension will be readjusted according to the CPI, which for 2022 was 5.62%. You will be able to see these adjustments reflected from the payroll payment of January 2022. In addition, the increase will be adjusted in monthly payments 13 and 14.

What is the value of the pension allowance?

a. The pension allowance will be equal to 45% of the liquidation base income, for the first 500 weeks. b. If the member has more than 500 weeks, the settlement base income will be increased by 1.5% for each additional 50 weeks.

What rights does the wife of a pensioner have?

Due to the foregoing, the spouse of the pensioner who is not a pensioner and does not have her own income, grants the pensioner the right to have his pension increased by 14%. Consequently, if the pension is higher than the minimum wage, in any case the increase will be above the minimum wage.

How many allowances is a pensioner entitled to?

How many pension allowances do I receive per year? As a pensioner you will receive 13 allowances per year; twelve allowances paid monthly and the additional allowance for the month of December. The end of the year allowance does not have any type of discount.

How do you hire a retired person?

Pensioners can continue working.

No private employer is prevented from hiring a pensioner, so that, if it is his will, he can hire him, or not fire him once one of his workers retires.

When is the pension allowance paid?

The payment of the pension allowance is made on the 25th of each month or the next business day for the account payment modality, you can have your money from the first day, check the payment dates here “Payment schedules“.

What are the additional allowances?

—Additional allowance.

Pensioners for old age or retirement, disability and substitution or survival will continue to receive each year, together with the allowance for the month of November, in the first fortnight of the month of December, the value corresponding to an additional monthly payment to their pension.

When do they pay the premium to 2021 pensioners?

When do you have to pay the premium? The term for you to be paid the premium for December this 2021 will be, at most, December 20. Remember that this payment can be made the same day the payroll is paid or in another separate payment.

How much is the 2022 pension left?

How much is the Welfare pension payment in 2022? The sum that the people who are part of this program will receive will be 7,700 pesos.

How much does a pensioner receive in Colombia 2021?

For people who receive the pension with an equivalent to the minimum wage, they will have an increase of 10.7%. This means that in 2021 they received 908,526 pesos, in 2022 they will receive one million pesos.

What is the minimum salary for pensioners?

Benefits equivalent to a current legal monthly minimum wage are increased based on the percentage that the National Government sets for the minimum wage, 10.07%; Thus, for the year 2022, the increase in pensions corresponding to the minimum wage ($908,526) will be adjusted to $1,000.

When does Colpensiones pay the June 2021 premium?

It must be paid on the last day of the first semester, that is, on June 30 and December 20 directly to the worker.

When is the right to retroactivity of the pension lost?

The retroactive one has a peculiarity and it is that it can have an expiration, but the pension rights are not lost or cease. “If I met my requirements today, but I continued working for several years and after that time I ask for my pension, they recognize it,” she clarifies.

What do they discount to pensioners?

The norm determined that for the years 2020 and 2021 the monthly contribution of the health contributions of those who have a pension of a minimum salary will be reduced from 12% to 8% and for 2022 it goes from 8% to 4%.

What happens if you hire a retired person?

The Federal Labor Law and the Social Security Law do not provide any restriction regarding the hiring of individuals who have a pension. However, pensions are likely to be suspended based on criteria established by law.

As a pensioner can I work?

It will be necessary for the pensioner to open an Afore account, to start contributing and saving, whatever comes from the new job, since he will now work under the current 1997 law.

What happens if a pensioner goes back to work?

A person who is already a pensioner in the AFP system and who continues to work can continue to contribute. However, she has the option of exempting herself from contributing to the pension and, for this, she must state it in writing both to her employer and to the administrator with which she is affiliated.

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