Who buys ISA?

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The purchase of ISA by Ecopetrol was sealed this Friday, through the payment of more than $14.2 billion and the fulfillment of the conditions agreed in the contract that had been signed on August 11.

Who bought Isa?

The Colombian state oil company Ecopetrol became the largest shareholder in the local company Interconexión Eléctrica (ISA), with a presence in several Latin American countries, by buying the participation of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (51.4%).

How was the business of Ecopetrol and ISA?

Ecopetrol closes a millionaire deal for ISA: it turned over US$3,672 million to the Government. This is the largest deal that has been carried out in Colombia in recent years, since a payment of US$3,672.9 million was made, which is equivalent to $14.2 billion taking into account a share price of $25,000.

What company bought Ecopetrol in Colombia?

This August 11, the acquisition by Ecopetrol of the part that the Nation had in the Interconnection Electric SA ESP (ISA) became official. This is 51.4% of the company, which translates into 569,472,561 ISA shares.

What does ISA do?

Interconexión Eléctrica SA (ISA) is a decentralized organization, classified as a State industrial and commercial company, in charge of directing the institutional and operational scheme of the country’s electrical system.

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What is ISA in Colombia?

The Colombian state holding company Interconexión Eléctrica SAESP (ISA), through its subsidiaries, participates in the energy, telecommunications and road concessions sectors in Latin America.

What type of company is ISA?

We are a mixed public services company, incorporated as a corporation, in charge of managing, operating and maintaining the electrical assets owned by ISA in Colombia.

Why did Ecopetrol buy ISA?

(See: The banks that will lend the money to Ecopetrol for the purchase of ISA). “The aim is to maximize the life and value of the hydrocarbon portfolio, while advancing in decarbonization and diversification towards low-emission businesses,” he added.

What did Ecopetrol buy?

The company Ecopetrol reported that this Wednesday, August 11, it bought 51.4% of Interconexión Eléctrica SA ESP (ISA) from the Nation, which has that participation in the company through the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

How much did Isa cost Ecopetrol?

Today, Ecopetrol made a payment to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of $14.23 billion for all the shares of Interco Conexión Eléctrica SA (ISA) at a rate of $25,000 per share. The payment was made in its equivalent in dollars of the United States of America for an amount of US$3,672.9 million.

How can I sell my ISA shares?

How can I buy and sell ISA shares? You can do it at any time through the secondary market with a direct depositor or a Brokerage Company.

What is Ecopetrol’s reason for being?

Carry out research, development and commercialization of conventional and alternative sources of energy. Carry out the production, mixing, storage, transportation and marketing of oxygenating components and biofuels.

Ecopetrol logo

Associated with evolution and conservation, the iguana, together with the word “Eco” -highlighted in yellow in the logo-, symbolizes the ecological intention that Ecopetrol wants to demonstrate.

Who is the owner of the Ecopetrol company?

Felipe Bayon Pardo

President of the Ecopetrol Group, the largest oil and gas conglomerate in Colombia. He was born in Bogota. He is 55 years old.

How to claim Ecopetrol 2021 dividends?

Methods to claim your dividends:

If in 2021 you received the dividends in your savings or checking account registered with GSC for that purpose, they will be credited to this same account again. If in 2021 you claimed by PIN, it will be sent again to the same entity.

What is ISA Medellin?

ISA, which is recognized among the 100 most important multi-Latin companies, has its headquarters in Medellín and is present in 8 countries, it is considered the largest energy carrier in Latin America, in addition to being the largest operator of interurban roads in Chile.

What are the acronyms ISA?

In computing, Industry Standard Architecture or ISA (in Spanish: Standard Industrial Architecture), is a bus architecture created in 1980 by IBM, in Boca Raton (Florida), to be used in IBM PC computers.

Where does ISA operate?

Our energy transportation companies expand, operate and maintain a high voltage transmission network in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile; as well as the international interconnections that operate between Colombia and Ecuador and, Ecuador and Peru.

What products does ISA offer?

ISA and TRANSELCA offer studies, construction of transmission lines and electrical substations, administration, operation and maintenance of the assets that make up the connection, allowing customers to focus efforts on their core business.

What is Ecopetrol’s motto?

The logo, made up of letters or typography, has two notable elements: the abbreviation of the company name “Ecopetrol” and the slogan “energy for the future”.

What is the Tropical Oil Company?

He lived in the Colombia neighborhood when TROCO was there (The Tropical Oil Company was the company that started oil exploitation in Colombia in 1917).

Who is Felipe Bayon?

Felipe, Bayón Pardo, president of Ecopetrol. At the close of the operation in 2021, Ecopetrol recorded the highest profit in its entire history.

What type of company is Ecopetrol?

Ecopetrol SA is a Mixed Economy Company, commercial in nature, organized under the form of a national corporation, linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, in accordance with the provisions of Law 1118 of 2006, governed by the Corporate Bylaws that are contained in such a way…

What are the key success factors for Ecopetrol?

Strategy, people and discipline, those were the keys. An oil company of this magnitude is successful if it gets more profit from each barrel of oil than its competitors. In the case of Ecopetrol, the competitors are some of the best and largest companies in the world.

Who manages ISA’s shares?


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