Who composed Cadillac Solitaire?

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Sabino Méndez Ramos is a Spanish rock composer, known for his work as a composer and guitarist for the group Loquillo y los Trogloditas, as well as for his role as a writer.

Who composed I will kill her?

“La Mataré” is a song by Loquillo and Trogloditas composed by Sabino Méndez, released as a single in 1987 and included on the album My Problems with Women (Hispavox).

Who sings the garage beat?

“The rhythm of the garage” is a song by the Spanish rock group Loquillo y Trogloditas, composed by Sabino Méndez and contained in the album of the same name.

What is the name of the singer of Loquillo?

José María Sanz Beltrán, or also known by his stage name “Loquillo” or “Loco” (Barcelona, ​​December 21, 1960), is a Spanish rock and roll singer.

Where does Loquillo live now?

The 60-year-old artist has long been a resident of Rioja Alavesa where he lives in anonymity and is rarely seen. This morning he went to the Elciego fronton, converted into a mass vaccination point, to receive the immunization against covid-19.

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Where does Loquillo 2021 live?

The rock vitality of Loquillo is experienced this July 2 at Peñíscola From Stage.

Where did the mili Loquillo do?

Loquillo at the door of the old Cartagena seafaring training barracks where he spent the first months of his military service, third replacement in 1981. Thank you Cartagena for your love. Komando Baturro Caspe and 5762 others like this.

What is the life of Loquillo?

Yédinson Ned Flórez Duarte (Dabeiba, March 30, 1987), better known as Lokillo, is a Colombian comedian recognized for his participation in the television program Happy Saturdays, for having joined the cast of the radio program La luciérnaga and for his career in the stand-up comedy.

Who is Loquillo’s brother?

It is Andrés Albert, a 40-year-old from Valencia who set up the Nueve Tragos bar 12 years ago, a place that takes its name from an album by José María Sanz —better known as Loquillo— and which has become the singer’s headquarters in the town.

Who is Lokillo’s wife in real life?

Who is the wife of ‘Lokillo’? Karen Gutiérrez, 31, is a woman from Bogota who worked in a mattress store in a Suba shopping center when she met the comedian; At that time, he was part of the work team of the radio program ‘La luciérnaga’.

Who is Loquillo and Rastadonde?

Lokillo, however, managed to catapult his career, even to foreign countries, with his character Rastadonde, a reggae singer with whom he usually makes music with a double meaning. In an interview with Pulzo, the comedian recounted how he brought the young rasta to life.

How many children does Lokillo Flórez have?

Karen Gutiérrez is the wife of renowned comedian, presenter and troubadour Yedison Flores, popularly known as Lokillo. For ten years the couple has consolidated an admirable home next to their two children Luciana and Santiago.

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