Who got the highest Icfes 2021 score?

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Marcela Erazo, the young woman from Cali who got a perfect score in the Icfes test. Marcela Erazo, a 20-year-old girl who achieved a score of 500 out of 500 in the Icfes test. The best Icfes in the Valley and in Colombia was awarded to Marcela Erazo, a 20-year-old young woman from Cali.

Who got the best Icfes 2021?

With 441 out of 500 points, Roger Sergio Hernández, a student at the Nuestra Señora de Fátima school, established himself as the best student in the Saber 11 2021 Tests, in official schools in Bucaramanga.

Who got 500 at Icfes 2021?

Marcela Erazo tried it six times until she got the perfect score: 500 out of 500. Life is about trying again and again. Marcela Erazo, a young woman from Cali, knows that very well. After six attempts she managed to obtain the perfect score in the Icfes tests: 500 out of 500, that was the final result.

Who got 500 in Icfes?

choose them! El Tiempo en vivo: Marcela Erazo, the woman from Cali who got a perfect score in the Icfes TestsThe woman from Cali who got a perfect score in the Icfes test in an interview. The only one in the country to obtain 500 out of 500 possible points.

What was the highest score of the Icfes 2021 Calendar B?

In Calendar B, an increase of 5 points was achieved between 2020 and 2021, going from 310 to 315 in the global average score.

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How did the students do in the 2021 icfes Calendar B?

In the case of Calendar B, there was an increase of 5 points between 2020 and 2021, going from 310 to 315 in the global average score. It is observed that in Calendar A, only 37.6% of educational establishments obtained a score equal to or higher than the average score (250) achieved at the national level.

How did the students do at icfes 2021?

“Specifically, with the 2021 results we saw a decrease in mathematics and social studies, reductions that are statistically considered large, a slight increase in English, and stability in critical reading and natural sciences,” said Mónica Ospina Londoño, director of Icfes.

What is the lowest Icfes score?

The overall score of the exam ranges from 0 to 500 points, the theoretical average is 250 points, which means that above 250 it begins to be a positive score, but if you want to be among the best and obtain a scholarship, your score must exceed the 350 points. The score for each test ranges from 0 to 100 points.

Who got the best Icfes 2020 score?

President Iván Duque led the tribute to the students Luis Ángel Vargas Peña, Andrea Lorena Cárdenas Quirós; and Alejandro de Jesús Salas, who achieved the highest score in the Saber 11 Tests in 2020 for Calendar A and awarded them the Simón Bolívar Medal in the Order of Knight.

How much is the Icfes score for a 2021 scholarship?

Obtain a score equal to or greater than 351 in the Saber 11 tests.

What is the minimum ICFES score to enter university?

There is no minimum score required. The applicants with the highest scores can enter the university according to available places by career.

What is the ICFES score to win a scholarship?

Excellence Scholarship

– Have a score greater than or equal to 359 points in the SABER 11 tests -State exam for admission to higher education-.

What is the minimum ICFES score to enter university?

The score is measured in: low, medium and high. A score below 30 indicates a low average; between 31 and 70 indicates a medium average; and greater than 70 indicates a high average. However, since there is no total score on the test, it should not be averaged.

How many students showed up at Icfes 2021?

Bogotá, November 20, 2021. – As of today, the Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education -Icfes publishes the individual results of the Saber 11 State test, applied in September to 650 thousand people, most of them high school students country calendar A.

How many students presented the Saber Pro 2021?

Bogotá, November 2, 2021 – With the completion of the Saber Pro tests, to about 260 thousand students of professional careers summoned between October 23 and 31, the Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education – Icfes completed the application of the different state tests of the year.

How many students presented Saber 11 2021?

The registered people correspond to 650,100 people who will take the Saber 11 calendar A test, more than 4,000 students in grades 9 and 10 will take the Pre Saber test on site and 13,522 will take it electronically and at home.

How to know my Icfes 2021 result?

The consultation of any exam is done through the website www.icfes.gov.co/resultados-saber-11, once there you must click on the Results section, then establishing the type of test that was carried out, in In this case Saber 11º, you must select the type of registration made by the student: …

When are the results of the Icfes Saber Pro 2021 published?

Application of the exam – from October 23 to 31, 2021. Publication of certification of presentation of the exam – November 13, 2021. Publication of individual results – January 29, 2022. Publication of institutional results – March 5, 2022.

What is the minimum score of Icfes 2020?

Have a minimum overall score of 170 points in the individual results report of the ICFES SABER 11 State Exam.

What is the minimum grade to obtain a scholarship?

What grade point average do I need to obtain a scholarship? Have obtained at least a 5 average mark in 4th year of ESO. Having passed all the subjects, except one, in the previous year. If you repeated the course the previous year, you must have passed everything.

What is the average to get a scholarship?

Being Mexican. Have a minimum general average of 8.0. Be enrolled in some degree modality. Have covered at least 85% of academic progress.

What score is good for ICFES 2022?

The state test score ranges from 0 to 500 points and the theoretical average is 250 points, this means that an ICFES result above 250 is considered a positive score. The recommended score to be among the best students and be able to apply for a higher education scholarship is 350 points.

What are the requirements to obtain a scholarship?

The list of documents to apply for a scholarship is as follows:

#1 Complete application form in all aspects. … #2 Copy of identity document or passport. … #3 Certified copies of transcripts or diplomas. … #4 Statement of purpose. … #5 Letter of recommendation. … #6 Curriculum Vitae (CV)
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