Who is Alan Samudio?

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Alan Zamudio is a chef and indoor cycling instructor

Alan studied at the Culinary Institute of Mexico and is currently executive chef at La Mazatleca restaurant. But that’s not all, because when he has some free time, he also teaches indoor cycling or, as it is commonly known, spinning.

Who is Alan Samudio?

Alan Zamudio became a sensation on social networks after going viral thanks to his peculiar way of dancing. The heir to Casimiro Zamudio today is highly recognized by the fans of Mi Banda El Mexicano, as he came to give the group a fresh touch.

How old is Alan Zamudio?

Alan Zamudio, 34, joined “Su Majestad, Mi Banda El Mexicano” as second official voice in 2017; The young man was never a stranger to the group, since over the years he saw the work of his father and the other members of the band consolidate, he studied gastronomy and has his own restaurant, in case this was… .

What is the name of the son of the Mexican?

In August 1989, the government of President Barco had had a stroke of luck when Freddy Gonzalo Rodríguez Celades, the son of “El Mexicano” was arrested for illegal possession of weapons north of Bogotá.

What happened to the son of the Mexican?

Fredy Gonzalo was 17 years old and, like his father, he was a lover of thoroughbred horses. He died of a bullet the day they killed the ‘Mexicano’.

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How did the navigator die?

He died on July 25, 2013 in Medellín, victim of a heart attack.

How many children does Casimiro Zamudio have?

Jazmín is survived by the four children she had with Casimiro: Melody, Paúl, Alan and Jéssica, as well as Roberto, a four-month-old grandson. Casimiro Zamudio was a member of Mi Banda El Mexicano, one of the most popular groups of the past decade.

What did Casimiro’s son study?

In an exclusive interview with Soy Grupero, he confessed to us that he never thought of joining the group, since he studied gastronomy and dedicated himself to running his restaurant, located in Mazatlán.

Who is the wife of Casimiro Zamudio?

Jazmín Robles Raygoza, the wife of Casimiro Zamudio, died yesterday afternoon due to a brain aneurysm. Jazmín, who was the singer’s partner for 33 years, will be buried today Saturday at 4:00 p.m. in the Renaissance pantheon.

What did Alan Zamudio study?

In addition to being a singer, Alan studied gastronomy and opened his own restaurants, he is also a fan of fitness, so he not only maintains a muscular body, but also takes the time to teach exercise classes in a gym.

Who is the dirt in the Pablo Escobar series?

Juan Carlos Aguilar Gallego – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

What happened to Pablo Escobar’s brother-in-law?

The kidnapping and subsequent murder of Carlos Arturo Henao Vallejo, Pablo Escobar Gaviria’s brother-in-law, and a family close friend that occurred yesterday in Medellin, revealed to security agencies that the clandestine group called Persecuted by Pablo Escobar (Pepes) could be still active and performing in…

How many children did Gacha have?

Gladys was closely acquainted with the love of a man with whom she had three children, the same man to whom the deaths of UP leaders, judges and emerald workers are attributed, and who, together with Escobar, led the bloodiest stage with car bombs. in the fight against the state.

Who had Gilberto Molina killed?

The war practically ended when Molina was assassinated, along with his partner Pedro Cárdenas and 16 of his bodyguards, in an attack carried out by an armed commando in Sasaima, in February 1989.

What is the name of Casimiro’s son?

Officially Alan Zamudio, son of Casimiro Zamudio, leader of Su Majestad El Mexicano will make his debut as a singer of the group in a video clip of the song Help Ayúdame.

What instrument does Casimiro play?

He has performed his songs —mainly characterized by the use of electronic instruments such as drums, bass and synthesizers— on important stages such as Siempre en domingo, Al fin de semana, Acapulco Fest, the Salón Río Nilo and the C3 Stage Auditorium in Jalisco, the León Fair, the Vive Latino and many …

Where does Casimiro Zamudio live?

Casimiro Zamudio Santos, also known as Casimiro de los Santos, was born on April 21 in Alvarado, Veracruz, although most of his life has lived in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

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