Who is Borja Vazquez?

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Borja Vázquez is president of Scalpers and founding partner together with Alfonso Vivancos. The manager, who took his first steps in the sector through Scalpers, has a Law degree from the University of Seville and an MBA from the IE Business School.

Who is behind the Scalpers brand?

Borja Vázquez and Alfonso Vivancos are the only founding partners remaining in the shareholding of the Spanish fashion company Scalpers, founded in Seville in 2007 by a group of friends from a small tie workshop.

Where does Scalpers make clothing?

Today they manufacture in several countries, including Portugal, Turkey, Italy and in the Asian market.

How was Scalpers born?

The origin of the Spanish brand Scalpers dates back to 2007 at the hands of Rafael Medina, Duke of Feria, and several friends. From the beginning, the brand stood out for suits and shirts, but especially for its accessories.

How many stores does Scalpers have in Spain?

Currently, Scalpers has 88 points of sale: 27 in Spain, 50 corners in El Corte Inglés and 11 stores in the international market.

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How many Scalpers stores are there?

“On the other hand, after the adjustments that the company has been forced to carry out in its physical points of sale worldwide, Scalpers operates in the global market with 229 points of sale, including its own stores and corners in El Corte Inglés. and Palacio de Hierro in Mexico”, develops the company.

How many stores does the goose have?

El Ganso is present in up to 8 different countries and has a network of its own stores of close to 160 points of sale. Of which 119 would be located in Spain, 34 in France, 12 in Mexico, 8 in Portugal and the rest scattered around other countries in the world.

What is the name of the clothing brand that has a skull?

Scalpers was born a little later, in 2007, in Seville, but also with a studied goal: to reinvent the classic, to loosen the strict canons of men’s fashion. A spirit and hallmark that was transferred to a risky logo: a skull.

What is the name of the clothing brand that has a skull?

Philipp Plein for Men – Designer Clothing & Accessories – Farfetch.

Where are Álvaro Moreno’s clothes made?

Álvaro Moreno launches to produce his own garments in Osuna.

What brand is Silbon?

The Spanish fashion firm Silbon, founded in Córdoba in 2010 and which since then has been becoming one of the national fashion brands with the greatest projection in recent years, will officially cease to be exclusively male as of this Friday, September, 10th.

What is scalping?

Scalpers is the Spanish brand that has grown the most since its birth, more than a decade ago. Diversification, prudence and prioritizing the customer have been some of the keys to the success of what was the skull brand.

Where is the goose made?

Much of the cotton with which they make their shirts is acquired in Italy, where they have a factory in the Lombardy region, very close to Bergamo. The shirts are made in Spain, south of Madrid, in the town of Getafe, while the jackets, coats and footwear are created in Portugal.

Who is the owner of the goose?

El Ganso is a chain of fashion clothing stores founded in 2006 by the Cebrián brothers, Álvaro and Clemente, which has been expanding internationally in 10 countries where it operates.

Where is El Ganso’s clothing made?

El Ganso buys most of the cotton with which they later make the shirts in Italy, in a factory that is located about 100 kilometers from Milan, very close to Bergamo.

How much does Silbon invoice?

Silbon will close 2021 with a turnover of 18 million euros, 50% more than in the previous year and a 38% growth compared to 2019, as reported in an interview to EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia by the CEO of the firm, Pablo Lopez.

How did the firm El Ganso start?

The brothers Álvaro and Clemente Cebrián (Madrid, 1975 and 1974) became interested in fashion at the age of 18. They liked to dress well, brand. However, browsing stores in search of their style, they did not find anything that suited them, or their pocket. With the 30 approaching they went into action.

What is trading and how does it work?

In the stock markets, trading (in Spanish, stock market trading) is speculation on financial instruments with the aim of obtaining a profit. Trading is mainly based on technical analysis, fundamental analysis and the application of a specific strategy to operate.

How much is a pip worth in Forex?

‘Pip’ stands for “point in percentage”. It is a unit to measure the movement in the exchange rate between two currencies. In most currency pairs, a pip is a move to the fourth decimal place (0.0001), making it the equivalent of 1/100th of 1%.

Where was Silbon founded?

We started in 2009, in Córdoba, we were two young people, with a collection of 30 blazers, in my grandmother’s apartment, and we sold it among friends.

What brand is Álvaro Moreno?

Alvaro Moreno is an Andalusian fashion company that was founded in Osuna (Seville) in 2005, after three decades of experience in the fashion and textile sector in a store run by his family.

How many stores does Álvaro Moreno have in Spain?

The firm has 43 stores in 29 Spanish cities, plans to launch in Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve, and its forecasts contemplate taking its turnover from around 48 million euros to 70 million. 2020.

What is the perfume in Álvaro Moreno’s store?

AM Blue perfume 30 ml.

How many children does Álvaro Moreno have?

Álvaro Moreno was born in Osuna in 1976 and today has four children.

How many workers does Álvaro Moreno have?

Álvaro Moreno employs almost 700 people, has a loyalty club with more than 150,000 people and is going to start its international expansion in Portugal, where it will soon open its first point of sale outside of Spain.

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