Who is Claudia in Through My Window?

Emilia Lazo is an actress of Chilean origin, who is part of the cast of Through my Window, playing the role of Claudia, a young woman who takes charge of the Hidalgo mansion and who secretly maintains a relationship with Artemis, a brother older than Ares.

Through My Window is a Chilean telenovela that premiered onMega on April 15, 2019. The series was created by Diego Cantú and stars Emilia Lazo, Álvaro Rudolphy, Andrea Faenza, Sergio Hernández, and Gonzalo Valenzuela. Through My Window tells the story of Claudia Hidalgo (Lazo), a young woman who takes charge of the Hidalgo mansion after the death of her mother.

Who is Claudia in Through My Window_

Claudia secretly maintains a relationship with Artemis, a brother older than Ares. The series was filmed in Santiago de Chile and Viña del Mar. On May 28, 2019, it was announced that the series had been renewed for a second season. Through my Window has been praised for its LGBT+ representation. Emilia Lazo’s performance as Claudia has been widely acclaimed by critics.


Who plays Claudia in Through my Window?

(CLAUDI) Emilia Lazo. The actress who plays Claudia from Through my window (Netflix).

Who is Ares Hidalgo in real life?

The other great protagonist of the first film is Julio Peña, who plays Ares Hidalgo. The actor was born in 2000 in San Sebastián and has been immersed in acting and music since he was 7 years old.

How old is Claudia from Through My Window?

Netflix Spain does not stop releasing content. Clara Galle, 19, and Julio Peña, 21, play Raquel and Ares in Through My Window. Two characters who experience a process of self-knowledge and discovery in a film that has been released simultaneously around the world on Netflix.

How old is Natalia from Through my Window?

Natalia Azahara (21 years old)

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What are the names of the children of Claudia and Artemis?

On July 14, Artemis proposed to Claudia, and they also had their second child, Hades.

Who dies in Through My Window?

After a scare in which Ares almost died when he fell into a pool with chlorine, to which he is allergic, the Hidalgo family begins to understand that their heirs must have the freedom to continue their path beyond the family business.

Where do the Hidalgos live?

They live in small communities and sometimes isolated on farms where a single family lives and is noble. Interestingly, there will be cities that have the privilege of not letting any hidalgo reside in them, as is the case of Yebra (Madrid), due to the issue of exemptions (7).

What is the name of Ares’s best friend?

Actress who plays Samantha (Ares’s best friend) from Through My Window (Netflix).

What is the name of the series where Ares Hidalgo appears?

Through my window.

Who is the brother of Ares Hidalgo?

WHAT IS THE ORDER OF THE HIDALGO TRILOGY? The story of the three Hidalgo brothers, Ares, Artemis and Apolo, is divided into three publications, which we can find digitally and physically. You can read each chapter after creating an account on Wattpad.

How old is Natalia Azahara?

All about Natalia Azahara

Natalia, who is only 21 years old and whom many already compare to Ariana Grande due to her obvious physical resemblance, puts herself in Daniela’s shoes to support Raquel and also to star in her own fictional love story.

Who is Marco in Through My Window?

Marià Casals as Marco. Lucia de la Puerta as Sammy. Abel Folk as Juan Hidalgo. Rachel Lascar as Sofia Hidalgo.

What happens at the end of through my window?

Across my window ends with Raquel reading, before a full auditorium, the book that recalls her complicated relationship with Ares. The act is extremely important because it breaks the pattern of Raquel’s father, who seems to have died without ever publishing the only novel he wrote.

What happens in through my window?

Raquel’s attraction to her neighbor turns into something more when he begins to fall in love with her, despite her family’s objections. Julio Peña and Clara Galle star in this adaptation of the popular young adult novel by Ariana Godoy. With Pilar Castro.

What happened to Ares and Rachel?

Yoshi, Rachel and Ares

In an exchange of words, both young people fight inside a pool and Ares is knocked unconscious. Yoshi tells Raquel what happened and she goes to save Ares by remembering that he is allergic to chlorine. The Hidalgo heir suffers a severe anaphylactic attack.

How did Claudia call Artemis?

“Artemis, I don’t like the dark.”

What is grandfather Hidalgo’s name?

Grandpa Hidalgo. Anthony Hidalgo. Literary character of Through my window.

Who is Isabela Souza’s boyfriend in real life 2021?

Who is Julio Peña’s girlfriend? The 21-year-old actor met Isabela Souza on the set of the Disney series “Bia” and a short time later they confirmed that they had a relationship.

What is the name of BIA’s boyfriend?

Alex Gutierrez | DisneyWiki | fandom.

Who is Clara Galle’s partner?

Clara Galle’s true love

Everything indicates that the model has a relationship with the actor Albert Salazar, with whom she is working on the series, ‘El Internado: Las Cumbres’.

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