Who is Hannibal in the innocent?

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Miki Esparbé assures that he loves challenges and being offered strange things, which is why it is very likely that he enjoyed becoming Aníbal Ledesma, the ruthless owner of Club Paraíso and one of the most fearsome characters in The Innocent.

How does Hannibal die in the innocent?

Aníbal Ledesma (Miki Esparbé) is a pimp who owns a striptease club. … Aníbal dies at the hands of Cándida Russo and they disappear. One of the clients was Teo Aguilar (José Coronado), the corrupt and fetishist inspector who paid to sleep with minors and beat them up.

Who killed Emma in the innocent?

Mateo Vidal was nothing more than a puppet of Jaime Vera, the father of the young man he murdered in the first episode.

Who is Zoe from The Innocent?


Who is the one on tape 27 in the innocent?

What’s on cassette 27? As Olivia finds out, the person on tape 27 is actually Aguilar, who the UCG incidentally sent to retrieve the tapes. The agency concluded that if the tapes were released, they would destabilize the country. Aguilar claims that he is no longer the monster that he used to be.

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How does innocent end?

Gülben and Esat’s wedding in “April Fools” chapter 51 went off without a hitch, but an unexpected situation occurred at the end of the day, when Han’s sister left for her new home. Esat offers to remove her wedding dress, but Gülben asks him to wait outside her room.

How does innocent series end?

After confessing, full of rage, that it was he who had him killed in prison, we could say that the series reaches its conclusion. Sonia declares in favor of Mat and Jaime is imprisoned, Olivia is reunited with her lost daughter and has, without accidents, her second child.

Who is Amanda Prieto The innocent?

Lluïsa Mallol is Amanda Prieto. Gonzalo de Castro is Jaime.

Who is Emma in The Innocent?

The nun María Luján (Juana Acosta), who is actually called Emma, ​​has something so important to hide in the second episode that she does not hesitate to jump off a balcony to avoid revealing it.

Who is Candace Russo in The Innocent?

The Innocent Netflix cast:

Lorena Ortiz: Alexandra Jimenez. Olivia Costa, Candace or Cándida Isabel Russo: Aura Garrido.

Who killed Hannibal?

However, Hannibal managed to keep an army in Italy for over a decade, receiving little reinforcement. Following Scipio Africanus’ invasion of Africa, the Punic Senate called him back to Carthage, where he was finally defeated by Scipio at the Battle of Zama.

Who dies in the innocent?

On the other hand, Teo Aguilar (José Coronado) ends up committing suicide by not bearing the weight of appearing in one of the controversial films, while Inspector Ortiz (Alexandra Jiménez) is promoted at her job.

What does Olivia hide in the innocent?

He found out that Olivia was Candance and hired the men who murdered the “nun” to use their secrets to harm Mateo. Also, she sent Romero to assassinate him in jail, but flashbacks show that Mateo did not kill his attacker.

What is the Argentine actress who works in the innocent?

If Martina Gusmán has something in common with her character in The Innocent, it is that when she goes for something, she gives it her all. In Spain we have just met her, but the actress is one of the great names in Argentine cinema, both on and off camera.

How many seasons does the Turkish series Innocents have?

Known in its original version under the title of ‘Masumlar Apartmani’, this Turkish production is made up of only one season.

Where was the innocent series filmed?

The Museu Nacional d’Art Contemporani (MNAC) and its views of Barcelona from Montjuïc, the Mapfre towers and the zoo are some of the spaces where The Innocent, the new Netflix series with Mario Casas, was filmed.

What disease does born of Innocents have?

What Naci suffers from is known as numbness in various parts of her body, which could be mistaken for paralysis, according to haberturk. This can be seen in episode 56 where the professor is seen with broken health.

What about Inci in Inocentes?

In the first season finale of “April Fools,” Inci had an unexpected car accident and died in Han’s arms while pregnant. This was the last scene of the actress Farah Zeynep Abdullah in the Turkish soap opera saying goodbye to the viewers.

When does the Antena 3 series Inocentes end?


How does Inci die in wounded souls?

At that moment, a truck hits Inci’s car and she is thrown. Han arrives at the scene of the terrible accident minutes later and sees the body of his beloved on the road.

When does Bitter Land end?

The Atresmedia TV network will offer this February 23 from 10:45 p.m., after ‘El Hormiguero 3.0’, an exciting special chapter with which the internationally successful blockbuster ends the broadcasts of its second season.

When does Tierra Amarga end?

The Turkish soap opera ‘Tierra Amarga’ is nearing its end. This Wednesday, February 23, Antena 3 broadcasts a special chapter, which will also be the last of the second season. ‘Tierra Amarga’ is the television network’s third commitment to Turkish fiction.

Why didn’t Hannibal Barca destroy the Roman Empire?

The Carthaginian refrained from attacking Rome because he did not have the necessary equipment or supplies to undertake such an undertaking. This despite the fact that only urban militias remained in the city of the Tiber, basically made up of those citizens who were not yet trained to fight.

What was Hannibal’s mistake?

In the process, Hannibal himself suffered the hardships of his military tactics. As soon as he arrived in the Italian Peninsula, he lost an eye due to ophthalmia.

Who was the main enemy of the Romans?

Hannibal was a brilliant military strategist and was considered the worst enemy of the Roman Empire. Based on the chronicles of historians of the time and verified by current researchers, the film recreates the crucial events that marked Hannibal’s life and the course of history.

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