Who is the baby that appears in Doctor Miracle?

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Sinem Ünsal is the actress who plays Nazli in the telenovela “Doctor Milagro”.


What is the name of Kivilcim’s baby in Doctor Miracle?

It was there that the doctor tells Selvi and Adil that he is Kivilcim’s son and that he had killed her to save the child.

Who takes care of Kivilcim’s daughter?

Doctor Miracle: Kivilcim’s daughter is now in the care of Ali Vefa, since her new caretakers Ferman and his girlfriend will have custody of the girl.

Why does Ali break up with nasly?

However, the doctor suggested that they live together, but that ended up deconcentrating their work at work, so they prefer to go their separate ways. With tears in her eyes, Nazli told her that she better focus on being the best surgeon she always wanted, so Ali left.

How do Ali and Nazli reconcile?

Dr. Adil called his daughter Ferda and Ali to the room of a patient with a mechanical heart who is having problems with one of his daughters; He spoke with them using her own example and after her words, he managed to reconcile her and the patient’s daughter.

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Who dies in DR miracle?

Actor Firat Altunmeşe, who played Demir in “Doctor Miracle”, is going through a bad family moment, after Ali Murat Altunmeşe, his 42-year-old brother, tragically passed away in December 2021. According to the media Turks, Ali died after falling from the balcony of the 11th floor of the building where he lived.

Who kills Dr Adil?

HOW DID ADIL DIE? Adil died after receiving 2 bullets inside the Berhayat hospital, when he stands between the murderer and Ali, to end up giving his life for him.

How does Demir die in Doctor Miracle?

“Doctor Miracle”: The brother of the actor who gives life to “Demir” died after falling from the 11th floor of his building.

How does Nazli get pregnant?

But a big surprise will come to both of them when Nazli, who was not aware of what was happening inside her body, discovers that her sentimental relationship has borne fruit and a baby is on the way. All this happens at the end of the second season and that will surprise the thousands of fans of the telenovela.

What about doruk in Doctor miracle?

In the ending of “Miracle Doctor”, the couple of Doruk and Harika finally decide to get married, a plan that was not within the goals of the surgical resident. However, the love for the artist ended up convincing him and, together, they decided to unite in her particular style.

What about Dr. Adil’s daughter?

The daughter of Dr. Adil arrived to ‘recover’ her place after confronting Ali with whom she had several frictions for being the adopted son of the famous surgeon. However, after becoming a department head, an altercation with Tanju caused her to leave Berhayat Hospital. “I chose you because you are manageable.

Who is Ali’s partner from Doctor Miracle?

In the last chapter of “Doctor Miracle”, Ali and his girlfriend Nazli got married with a ceremony attended by all their friends and colleagues from the Berhayat hospital. During the wedding, everyone danced and celebrated the union of the couple.

When do Ali and Nazli get married?

The couple married on June 28 in a private ceremony, with the closest friends and relatives of the future parents, and under the protocols of COVID-19, as seen in the snapshots spread on portals and social networks.

What secret is Ferman hiding in Doctor Miracle?

It turns out that Ferman decided to reveal his biggest secret to him, he took him to a care home for special people and there was his sister, who due to an accident when they were children, was left with cerebral palsy; Ferman with tears on her face, told her how it happened and how guilty she feels, Ali hugged him,…

What is Tanju of Kivilcim?

He is the Chief of Surgery at the hospital. He is a confident man, but he believes that he doesn’t get the respect that he deserves.

What about Ali and Nazli?

After becoming one of the favorite couples at Berhayat Hospital in “Doctor Miracle”, Ali and Nazli decide to end their relationship. The doctor believes that his autistic condition is the main problem since he does not tolerate contact with people, even though he could with his girlfriend.

How many chapters does Doctor Miracle have on HBO Max?

This series only had 20 episodes, but managed to capture the audience and won the main awards in South Korea, managing to win several awards. It is worth noting that in the first episode of each of these recommended series they recreate the same accident.

When does Dr Miracle end?

Mucize Doktor will be with you for the last time with its 64th episode on Thursday, May 27.

What about Ferman’s hand?

This happened when he decided to go down a ravine in order to help a woman with her son who needed emergency help. A wrong step caused the doctor to roll down the cliff and a point to be embedded in his right hand, which is why his nerves were cut.

What happens after Adil’s death?

After Adil’s death, Vuslat ordered his staff to search for the recording Adil made, where she confesses the real reason she bought the hospital.

Who is the new owner of the hospital in Doctor Miracle?

Zerrin Tekindor is the actress who plays Vuslat Kozoglu, the new owner of the Berhayat hospital, in “Doctor Miracle”. Here we tell you what other productions she has participated in. Lima, 09/17/2021 07:00 pm

Who dies in Doctor miracle second season?

Kıvılcım, Özge Özder’s character in “Miracle Doctor”, died in an explosion in the underground of Beryahat hospital, after she was kidnapped by a patient.

Who is Ali Vefa’s girlfriend in real life?

Sinem Ünsal became known internationally for her role as Nazli, Ali Vefa’s partner and surgical assistant at Berhayat hospital. The 28-year-old actress became famous with “Doctor Miracle”, the Turkish soap opera that allowed her to be recognized in several countries.

How old is Ali Vefa?

He is a 20-year-old young man who was born into a humble family.

What happens between Ferman and Ferda?

The break that separated them

A break occurred in the life of Ferman (Onur Tuna) after Beliz (Hazal Türesan) decided to cut off the relationship at a time that was very important to him: the marriage proposal.

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