Who is the father of massage?

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Per Henrik Ling died in 1839 of tuberculosis, but his legacy will live on, especially in the history of massage therapy where he is controversially known as the Father of Massage.

Who was the creator of massage?

Modern massage (from 1800 to the present)

Modern massage was largely developed during the 19th century by Henril Ling, creator of what we know today as Swedish massage.

Where was the massage born?

It is believed that the art of massage is first mentioned in writing around 2000 BC, and its appearance in documents is continuous from 500 BC Egyptian, Persian and Japanese medical works are full of references to massage. Hippocrates advocated massage and gymnastic exercises.

How was massage born?

The first testimonies of healing massages are in China and Egypt. In China, if we go back about 2700 years before Christ, we can see the first written testimony about massages. There is talk of numerous manual therapy practices and their enormous benefits.

Who is the father of Swedish massage?

The history of Swedish massage begins at the beginning of the 20th century. The Swedish Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1909) designed a set of techniques that include physical exercise, massage and sauna; the most used techniques in the West serve to correct and strengthen bodily deficiencies.

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Why is it called Swedish massage?

Its origin is discovered in the 19th century, and it is attributed to the Swedish gym instructor Pehr Henrik Ling (1776 – 1909), who after a trip to China designed a therapeutic program that involved physical exercise, massage and sauna.

What is classic or Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is an alternative relaxation technique which uses specific techniques to massage the body and achieve certain benefits, in addition to the use of different essential oils to facilitate movements and also increase the benefits of therapy.

What is the purpose of applying massage?

Reduced stress and increased relaxation. Reduction of pain and inflammation and tension of the muscles. Improved circulation, energy and alertness. Decreased heart rate and blood pressure.

What are the benefits of therapeutic massages?

The ten benefits of therapeutic massage are: increases immune function, improves sleep quality, improves joint mobility, stimulates lymphatic movement, reduces muscle pain, improves mental activity, speeds healing of soft tissue injuries. , relieves stress, improves …

How does the massage work?

This is done with strong pressure and faster speed than the traditional way. The movements that are made cause heat, which helps to dissolve the body fat that you want to eliminate during the sessions. Precisely, this massage is performed in the areas with the greatest amount of body fat.

What are the types of massages?

Below we leave you with a brief explanation of some types of body massages.

    Manual lymphatic drainage. … Relaxing / Decontracting Massage. … Firming / Stimulating Massage. … Circulatory Massage. … Modeling Massage.

What is Swedish massage and benefits?

Swedish massage is a type of massage whose main purpose is to eliminate tension and reaffirm muscles and joints. Its toning and relaxing effect promotes blood and lymphatic circulation and the elimination of a large number of toxins, as well as helping the body to rediscover its natural balance.

How is Swedish massage performed?

It mainly focuses on making sliding, long, wide and circular movements. It is applied with the palm of the hands, thumbs or the tips of the fingers. Use different degrees of pressure. Its purpose is to warm up the muscle and relax.

How is Swedish massage done?

What are the Five Swedish Massage Techniques?


When was Swedish massage introduced?

The Swedish massage modality was invented around the year 1868 by the Swedish doctor Johann Georg Mezger. However, it is Per Henrik Ling who is usually credited as the inventor (wrongly) of Swedish Massage.

How much does a Swedish massage cost?

$163, with 0% interest!

What is the most relaxing massage?

Of the most popular massages, the Swedish massage is one of the sweetest and most relaxing. From Cronoshare we recommend that if it is your first time with a massage, you opt for the Swedish massage as it relaxes and eliminates muscle tension and improves circulation.

What is the difference between relaxing and decontracting massage?

The most important difference is that relaxing massages also seek to bring the patient to a better level of well-being. In the relaxing massage, you massage slowly and less pressure is exerted than when you perform a decontracting massage. This lower pressure provides greater relaxation.

What is the full massage?

The total massage consists of a gradual manipulation of the body to stimulate its different parts, one at a time. Typically, the masseur starts from the feet and slowly works his way up the legs, back, arms, shoulders, finally the neck and head.

How long does a massage session last?

Each session usually lasts between 50 and 60 minutes. How long does the effect last? It is very variable depending on the characteristics of each individual as well as their life habits.

How many massage sessions are needed to reduce a size?

A treatment with reductive massages requires at least 10 sessions to see results, always accompanied by exercise sessions and a good diet. The ideal is to do 2 or 3 per week and then 1 per week to maintain the treatment.

How many times can you do reducing massages?

Up to 10 centimeters in size can be reduced in 5 sessions; each massage lasts 40 to 45 minutes. It is convenient to carry out almost every day of the week to obtain results in less than a month.

How long do reducing massages have to be done?

Normally, the massage sessions last between two and three hours and the areas of the thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen, torso and arms are worked on, in order to reduce excess fat, shape the figure, eliminate toxins and get rid of the so unsightly cellulite.

How many times a week should you do reducing massages?

You must be convinced that at least 12 sessions are needed. In such a way that the tissues begin to disintegrate from the accumulated fat. It is convenient that these sessions have a frequency of 2 to 3 times a week to then dedicate a weekly session as a maintenance method.

How much can a masseur charge?

The average masseur salary in Spain is €97,500 per year or €50.00 per hour. Entry-level positions start at an income of €60,938 a year, while more experienced professionals earn up to €195,000 a year.

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