Who is the most popular of LOONA?

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Sonatine is the most recognizable LOONA ballad par excellence, and speaks mysteriously about the loonaverse itself.

Who is LOONA’s main dancer?

LOONA yyxy: Leader (official), main dancer, secondary vocalist.

What animal does LOONA represent?

We see her in “new” and on the Starlight VCR, showing Yves giving him an apple, and then we see her again in “One&Only”, hanging from the ceiling with an apple in her hands, similar to her representative animal, a fruit bat. .

What is LOONA’s fandom?

On July 10, 2018, it was revealed that Loona’s fanclub would be called “Orbit”. Before the official name of the fanclub was revealed, Loona’s fans were called “Loonatics”.

What does Orbit LOONA mean?

According to a news article, Orbit means that the fan club is creating an orbit path where LOONA can grow.

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What animal is Heejin?

Heejin was the girl who started it all, represented by the color hot pink and having the rabbit as her animal.

What sign is LOONA’s HeeJin?

Nicknames: Spring Heejin, Heekki. Profession: Singer, dancer and model. Place of birth: Seongnam, South Korea. Zodiac sign libra.

Who is the shortest member of LOONA?

6. Yeojin from LOONA. LOONA’s Yeojin is the shortest in her group at 154 centimeters (approximately 5 feet 1 inch).

What happened to LOONA?

How does this affect LOONA? Since the production of albums requires the cooperation of various external partners, K-media points out that the inefficient management of the BBC would make such a partnership impossible for the creation of new LOONA albums. Consequently, the group would be facing an uncertain future scenario.

When does LOONA dissolve?

Korea: August 19, 2018 Japan: September 15, 2021

Who from LOONA is on hiatus?

HaSeul has been taking a hiatus since last January due to anxiety issues. Blockberry Creative has confirmed that she decided not to join LOONA’s promotions for their upcoming mini album ’12:00′ (‘Midnight’).

Why wasn’t CHUU at the concert?

LOONA’s Chuu will not be participating in upcoming concerts due to health issues.

What happened to Olivia Hye?

The LOONA girls were in a car accident before Show! Music Core. Blockberry Creative reported that a car carrying Heejin, Hyunjin, Yeojin, Choerry, and Olivia Hye was involved in a collision.

Who is the smallest Kpop idol?

1. Woozi from SEVENTEEN. At approximately 164 cm, Woozi is the shortest member of SEVENTEEN. Woozi is also a talented member who has written most of SEVENTEEN’s hits.

How long did Heejin train?

Trainee period: 1 year. Instrument: Guitar.

How long did Olivia Hye train?

Olivia Hye revealed during the radio show “20’clock date”, that she was a BlockBerry Creative trainee for 1 year.

What color is Heejin?

Colour: Bright Pink.

What is CHUU’s favorite food?

His favorite food is spaghetti. Yeojin says that Choerry is the most cheerful person in Loona. Choerry and Olivia went to the same school. Chuu says that Choerry is the most obedient of them all.

How tall is a Korean girl?

The average height of a Korean girl is 1.50 – 1.60 meters and they weigh approximately 40 to 50 kg. This is due to their genetics and diet rich in vegetables.

Who is the oldest Kpop idol?

Lee Hae Ri is 32 years old.

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