Who regulates the condominiums?

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In some real estate or condominiums, the condominium administrator is supervised by the surveillance committee, which is made up of residents of the committee. The condominium or real estate administration is in charge of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the resources of the condos or…

Who regulates condominiums in CDMX?

The Deputy Attorney for Rights and Obligations of Property in Condominium, has among its functions, to establish the necessary measures in order to ensure an instance accessible to individuals and consolidate compliance with the Law of Property in Condominium of Real Estate for the Federal District.

Who regulates the administrators of residential complexes?

There is no doubt that in the Ordinary and Extraordinary Assemblies determined by the Co-ownership Regulation, the individual owners, the Owners’ Council and, ultimately, the Judiciary, establish control mechanisms.

Who owns the land in a building?

If there was a total loss, the property owners remain the owners of the land. When it is a house, they are the same owners of the house. If it is a building, they are co-owners based on their participation in the condominium regime.

What does condominium ownership mean?

The condominium, according to the Civil Code, is the real property right over a thing that belongs in common to several people and that corresponds to each one for an undivided part. The shares of the condominium owners are presumed equal, except that the law or the title provide another proportion.

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What is co-ownership and condominium ownership?

Co-ownership, also called condominium, is the application of the community to the right of ownership. In this way, constituting the most important modality of the community of goods and rights.

What is an owner and a co-owner?

The owners are those who have exclusive rights to a property (apartment, parking or deposit). These same owners, by forming part of the board of owners, with common assets with shared rights over them, become Co-owners.

When you buy an apartment Do you own the land?

Faced with the prospect of having lost their homes, the owners of buildings and apartments do not remain completely on the street. They own their land. And they will have two ways to get ahead: rebuild or sell the land for someone else to do it, say experts in real estate law and marketing.

What happens if I buy an apartment and the building collapses?

When an apartment is affected or falls completely, not even the land is yours, since the land, including the gardens, becomes co-ownership, because the condominium is extinguished by the destruction of the thing.

What is the owner of an apartment called?

That is to say: in the event that an individual rents an apartment, the lessor will always be the owner of the same, while he will be the tenant.

Who brings together the consortium administrators?

The Real Estate Association of Rental and Horizontal Buildings (AIERH) is a civil society organization that brings together consortium administrators, advisors and owners.

What does Law 3254 regulate?

– The management of the Horizontal Property Consortium Administrator must, provided that the Ordinary or Extraordinary Assembly so decides, be audited for accounting purposes and accompanied by a management control report carried out by Professionals in Economic Sciences.

What does Law 675 of horizontal property say?

Law 675 of 2001 or Horizontal Property regulates real estate where exclusive property rights over private property, and co-ownership rights over the land and other common property converge.

What authority is competent to hear complaints between condominium owners?

By its acronym, PROSOC is the social attorney’s office and this unit in Mexico City is in charge of promoting and guiding citizens in administrative, legal, social, real estate and condominium matters.

What is the function of PROSOC?

The Social Attorney’s Office (Prosoc) of Mexico City, faithful to its commitment to defend and promote social rights, provides advice and guidance to the general public on administrative, legal, social, real estate and condominium matters, in order to that all the inhabitants of the…

How to file a complaint with PROSOC?

To submit a condominium complaint to the Social Attorney, a free document must be written addressed to the head of the Decentralized Office corresponding to the mayor’s office where the condominium is located. Same that must contain the following: Name and address of the complaining party (who promotes it).

What about the owners of a dilapidated building?

2574/2016 confirms that the ruin of the building is comparable to its destruction, which would allow, if the requirement of proportional value of the works is fulfilled, the extinction of the horizontal property regime.

What to do if a building collapses?

If you become trapped in a collapsed building, it will be important to immediately protect your airway from dust and debris by breathing through your clothing or material (preferably a dust mask if one is stored near your desk, bed, or other accessible location). ), check for …

Who is responsible for a landslide?

Article 1,758.

The owner and the guardian are jointly responsible for the damage caused by the things. A guardian is considered to be the person who exercises, by himself or through third parties, the use, direction and control of the thing or who obtains a profit from it.

What is the useful life of an apartment?

Useful life in years: Departments: 50. Factories: 50. Banks: 67.

What is the useful life of an apartment?

In principle they are designed and a safe stability of more than 100 years is guaranteed. Thus, we can say that they should last at least 100 years. From then on, special attention must be paid to maintenance, since depending on the building, its useful life may not exceed 150 years.

How to deed a condominium property?

The Constitution of the Condominium Property Regime will be instrumented by a Notary Public, by manifest of an owner or owners of a property, who declare their will to establish this modality for their best use, who will issue their constitutive deed of the Property Regime. ..

Why is it said co-owner?

Owner of a thing jointly with another or others.

What is the difference between ownership and co-ownership?

Normally the property is exercised by a single person who is called the owner, however co-ownership consists of two or more people owning the same property, by nature undivided, that is, that the people called co-owners own the property in common without making material division of…

Who can be co-owners?

Co-ownership can be given by (arts. 939 and 940, CC): law: two or more people by any title have legal ownership of a thing whose ownership is indivisible. For example, the adjudication of a property in a testamentary succession between several heirs.

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