Who removes honeycomb?

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Mainly, you should ask a beekeeper for help, as he pointed out that many times you go to civil protection or firefighters and they remove the honeycomb but kill the bees, when the most important thing is to take care of their lives, because they are the most important insects in the world. in this case, Honey King Gold, by Maricruz Orona…

Where to call to remove a beehive?

Upon receiving a call to 112 alerting them to their presence, citizens receive information for their peace of mind and are recommended to keep their distance so that firefighters can mobilize, reach the area and proceed to remove the swarm, honeycomb or hive, depending on the case.

How much does it cost to remove a swarm of bees?

And so you know how much it costs to remove a swarm of bees, the price you are going to have to pay on average is going to be around 120 euros, depending on where it is and the size of the swarm. In some places, the City Council itself does it for free, but it is not usual.

Who removes a swarm of bees?

The bee is a protected species, so it is necessary to call the fire department for its removal, in those places of transit of people.

What to do if I have a beehive in my house?

What do I do if there is a honeycomb in my house?

Mark a security perimeter. Keep pets away from the area. Report the presence of the diaper to experts.32 related questions found

How to report a honeycomb?

Report it to 911 or 72 22 13 08 37, as soon as the report is received, the name of the person, telephone and address of the event is requested, at that moment a unit of this General Coordination leaves for the place, at the same time the support is requested firefighters, ambulances, medical service and the respective military zone.

What happens when there is an earthquake swarm?

A seismic swarm is a set of nearby tremors, of a certain intensity, that follow each other over time, without following the pattern of a large earthquake and several less intense aftershocks each time, later.

How long does a seismic swarm last?

The time period used to define the swarm itself varies, although the US Geological Survey notes that an event can be on the order of days, weeks, or even months.

What is an earthquake swarm and how long does it last?

A seismic swarm is the concentration of several earthquakes in the same space and time. Tremors occur one after the other in the same area, and all have the same origin. There is no estimated duration time, the temporary extension is variable.

How long do tremor aftershocks last?

Aftershocks can occur just minutes, days or years after the main shock. Such is the example of the New Madrid fault in the United States, where a strong earthquake occurred in 1812 and more aftershocks were recorded up to 200 years later.

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