Who was born on July 22?

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1968 – Rhys Ifans, British actor and singer 1969 – Jason Becker, American guitarist and songwriter, of the band Cacophony. 1969 – Despina Vandi, Greek singer 1971 – Kristine Lilly, American soccer player

What is celebrated on July 22?

Every July 22, World Brain Day is celebrated, thanks to the World Federation of Neurology (WFN), which took the initiative to give importance to brain health and raise awareness in society about how to prevent and care for the brain.

What happened on July 22, 1810?

On that date formally through the document “Act of declaration of independence”, Venezuela separates from Spain. The patriotic society made up of Simón Bolívar and Francisco de Miranda was the pioneer in promoting the separation of Venezuela from the Spanish crown.

Which celebrity was born on June 22?

1958 – Rocío Banquells, Mexican actress and singer. 1958 – Bruce Campbell, American actor 1959 – Tristán Bauer, Argentine filmmaker and politician. 1959 – Nicola Sirkis, French musician, of the band Indochine.

What happened on June 22?

On June 22, 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte abdicated for the second time. On June 22, 1939 in Diúpivogur (Iceland) the highest temperature in the history of that country was recorded: 30.5 °C (86.9 °F). On June 22, 1940 France surrendered to Nazi Germany in World-War”>World War II.

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What happened on June 22?

The Day of the Argentine Footballer is celebrated in commemoration of the “goal of the century”, as the second of the goals scored by Diego Maradona was called in the 2-1 victory of the Argentine team with which he eliminated England from the World Cup in Mexico. 86.

What happened on July 22, 1821?

Edict for the proclamation of Independence, Don José de San Martín, Captain General of the army and in chief of the Liberator of Peru, great officer of the Chilean Legion of Merit, etc., etc. (July 22, 1821).

What were the most important events of the Independence of Venezuela?

First Republic

    Revolution of April 19, 1810. Supreme Congress of Venezuela. Patriotic Society. Declaration of independence. Taking of Valencia. Fall of the First Republic. Decree of War to the Death. Battle of Araure.

What happened on July 22, 2006?

That July 22, 2006, the basilica of Covadonga was the capital of the gossip press with the wedding of Paula Echevarría and David Bustamante, a ceremony officiated by the singer’s uncle, Francisco Hoyos, then abbot of the Royal Site and today parish priest of Parres.

What is celebrated on July 22 in Chile?

Chile celebrates HRDay on July 22.

What day is Pizza Day celebrated?

This Wednesday, February 9, marks World Pizza Day, one of the most consumed fast foods in the world and, along with pasta, the most international Italian dish.

What happened in 2006 in the world?

July 9: Former candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador challenges the General Elections of Mexico (2006). July 30: López Obrador convenes a Magna Informative Assembly, in which about 3 million people gather in the Zócalo of Mexico City.

What happened in the world in the year 2006?

It was designated: The International Year of Deserts and Desertification, by the United Nations General Assembly. The Year of the Dog, according to the Chinese horoscope. The Year of Mozart, commemorating the 250th anniversary of the birth of the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

What happened in 2006?

January 4 to 20: The U-20 South American Women’s Championship is held in Viña del Mar and Valparaíso. January 15: Michelle Bachelet wins the second presidential round in Chile, defeating Sebastián Piñera. With this, she became the first female President of the Republic.

What events occurred in the War of Independence?

The authorities of the Republic decreed a naval blockade of the coasts of the country, the entrance to Lake Maracaibo was forced by Admiral Padilla on May 8, 1823, and after several limited actions the decisive battle took place on July 24, 1823 , resulting in a complete Venezuelan triumph.

What happened in July 1821?

1821. July emerges as the key month of the Liberation Campaign that will culminate in the Independence of Peru. … On July 6, Viceroy José de la Serna left Lima with 6,000 men. On July 8, emissaries from San Martín enter Lima.

What happened in Pisco in 1821?

Landing of the liberating expedition of the South

On September 7, the Liberation Army began the landing in Paracas. He occupied Pisco on September 8.

What did José de San Martín do for the independence of Peru?

On October 21, San Martín created the first flag of Peru. At the end of that month, the liberator re-embarked with his army heading north from Lima. In November this force landed at Huacho and established their new base at Huaura, where they proclaimed independence.

What happened on June 22, 1976?

Carlist concentration in the South of France.

What happened in 2006 in Mexico?

On December 11, 2006, President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa announced the start of a war against organized crime in Mexico, which would later be popularly renamed the “War on Drug Trafficking.”

What happened on January 20, 2006?

2006: in Colombia, the longest tunnel in Latin America is inaugurated, called the Western Tunnel or the Fernando Gómez Martínez tunnel.

What happened on October 1, 2006?

The 155 occupants of the Gol plane that crashed in Brazil perished. The Brazilian authorities launched a complex rescue operation, which will last at least a week, of the occupants of the Boeing 737-800 of the Gol airline that crashed in the Brazilian Amazon jungle.

What happened on March 2, 2006?

On March 2, 2006, when the unfortunate murder of the Peña Coss brothers was recorded, at the hands of Diego Santoy Riverol.

What happened on February 16, 2006?

2006: the terrorist group ETA places a bomb in an industrial estate in Biscay that causes little damage.

What happened in 2006 in Colombia?

May 28: Colombia’s 2006 presidential elections are held, Álvaro Uribe is reelected as president, along with his vice president Francisco Santos with 7,397,835 votes.

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