Who won the 50 points in Warriors today?

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Great way to close the week in Guerreros 2021! After meeting in a single ‘All Up’ challenge, Leones was this week’s champion by just 50 points, with 3,550 to 3,500 Cobras.

Who won the Colombia 2021 warrior final?

The Las Cobras team won today, Monday, against the Lions in the season finale of the program “Guerreros”, which is broadcast on Wapa TV.

Who won the circuit in Guerreros?

The heart of the competition was when Yann “Lobo” and Nicola Porcella faced each other in the final challenge, as the difference in points was minimal. However, thanks to the skill of Yann Lobo, “Cobras” were the winners of the night against “Leones”.

Who will be the new godmother of the cobras?

Maleja Restrepo, new presenter of ‘Guerreros’

In this sense, Restrepo, who has also presented programs such as Play Zone, Explorers for Nature and Afternoons of the Sun, will be the new godmother of the “Cobras” team.

Who is the new godmother in Guerreros?

Maleja Restrepo is a 36-year-old from Cali, who started on television as a presenter at the age of 15, but during her career in the media she has also acted for television and cinema in important national and international productions.

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Who is Cristina Hurtado’s replacement?

This Monday it became known that it is the Caleña Maleja Restrepo, who in addition to being a presenter, is also an actress and one of the most recognized content generators in the country.

Who won the 100 points in Warriors?

EEG: Guerreros won 100 points after meeting between Alejandra and Ducelia. In EEG, the Warriors gained 100 points after the meeting between Alejandra Baigorria and Ducelia Echevarría.

Who won the Star of Warriors Colombia vs. Puerto Rico?

Colombia defeats Puerto Rico in Guerreros.

What happened to Cuca de Guerreros?

As reported, in addition to her bust surgery, the woman from Cali gained a large amount of muscle mass in her body by changing her diet. However, some users began to speculate and believed that the increase in her weight was also due to medical procedures that the model herself later denied.

Who was the best warrior and the best warrior?

Of all the heroes who fight in Troy, Achilles is without a doubt the best warrior, the one who combines strength, speed and intelligence in the most precise balance.

Who was the best warrior of Warriors?

Neither Achilles nor El Cid, the best warrior in history was Lucio Sicio Dentato, a soldier of Imperial Rome.

Who won better warrior?

Ducelia Echevarría became the ‘Best Warrior’ of 2021 in ‘Esto es Guerra’ (VIDEO) December 17, 2021 08:38 pm

When is the Guerrero final?

Guerreros 2021 undoubtedly came to television to raise the level and after a close season in which even the drivers Tania Rincón and Mauricio Barcelata entered the challenges of height, it is time for the final duel this September 16.

When does Colombia warriors return?

The new prime time of Channel 1, which was launched this Monday, is beginning to report positive results and reactions among Colombians. With the return to its original time slot (6:00-8:00 pm), Guerreros Cobras Vs Leones 2021, registered nearly 670 thousand viewers and achieved the best rating so far in April with 1.48.

When does Warriors of Channel 1 start?

About Warriors

It is presented by Maleja Restrepo and Josse Narváez, where each one is a godfather of each team. Don’t miss Guerreros Cobras Vs Leones from Monday to Friday at 5:30 pm

Who won the Star of Warriors vs the others 2020?

With an advantage of more than 500 points, the Cobras won the first place trophy of Guerreros 2020, in addition to two million pesos; however, the final result surprised netizens, who felt that Macky’s team did not deserve the award.

How many years has Colombia warriors?

It premiered on August 14, 2017, where a group of young people must participate in different tests in order not to be eliminated and to win a grand final prize. Today it is the most watched youth program and the most watched on the channel since its restructuring.

How much does Cristina Hurtado earn in Guerreros?

According to NoxInfluencer, the specialized portal that analyzes YouTube channels, Cristina Hurtado would be receiving about 2 thousand dollars a month, on average; that is, about 7 and a half million Colombian pesos.

Why is Cristina Hurtado not in Guerreros?

In that sense, the presenter will leave television for a while to focus on the birth of her third child, which would be in the coming weeks, and her new facet as a mother.

Who is Diane Ferrer?


The television host began her career as a youtuber, giving travel and beauty tips. This would give him visibility to make the leap on television.

Where is Cristina Hurtado working?

Private life. She has had a relationship with Josse Narváez since 2003. Cristina combines her work in the media with her studies in Social Communication and Journalism at the Externado de Colombia University. In addition, she has been in charge of presenting events.

How was Cristina Hurtado’s farewell?

Although the paisa had already told her followers that she would make an important announcement, few imagined that they would see her say goodbye definitively, since she made the decision to step aside so that Josse Narváez, her husband, would continue without her driving the Program.

Who is the new presenter of Warriors?

Tommy Ramos is the new presenter of “Guerreros” – El Nuevo Día.

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