Why does wind enter through the chimney?

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The draft is actually the hot air or the combustion gases that rise in relation to the colder air, it tends to rise since, when heated, the air becomes less dense, so it tends to rise.

How to prevent the wind from entering the chimney?

The most common solution is the installation of wind extractors in the upper part of the chimneys or shunts. The installation of shunts (or wind extraction) in the upper part of individual or community chimneys will: prevent the wind from cutting the natural draught.

What must be done so that a chimney pulls well?

Preheat the chimney – fine wood. Do not close the door of the chimney, leave it ajar so that the chimney draws well. Have the chimney flues and draft cutter fully open so that the chimney draws well. Use wood that is as dry as possible. Do not turn on the extractor fan in the upper kitchen.

Why does the smoke from the chimney come back?

One of the most common reasons for smoke to back up in a wood stove is a blocked chimney. Over time, soot, ashes, and other residue from your stove can collect in the chimney. This can restrict the space available for smoke to escape or even lead to a complete blockage.

When should the chimney draft be closed?

We can manually close or open it. Normally, when we lower this tab towards the glass of the door, we are closing the draft so that it is produced with less firewood consumption, since when we close the door we are forcing the draft.

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How to know if the chimney draft is open?

To find out if a chimney draws well, has the correct draft, it is best to measure its depression with a device called a vacuum gauge, if it is around 10 to 12 pascals, which is the usual depression recommended by the manufacturer for the draft of a chimney, we will know that it works well.

How to know if the chimney is open?

Notice how the flame moves. When you light the fireplace, the flame should move upwards, pointing towards the smoke outlet. If it does not have the correct movement, the air outlet is obstructed. If the chimney is in perfect condition, the smoke is expelled through the tube.

How to fix a chimney draft?

When it comes to improving chimney draft, we have several actions that we can carry out that will improve their draft.

Place a vacuum or rollex cap on it. Increase the number of smoke evacuation pipes in the installation if the chimney does not draw well. Overcome any surrounding obstacle.

How to clean the chimney flue?

How to clean the chimney with chemical methods

Light a good fire in the fireplace and let it burn for 30 minutes. The objective is that the inside of the tube is very hot. Put a chimney sweep log or a bag on the fire without removing them from the packaging and let them burn. … When the ashes are cool, remove them.

How to avoid smoke?

Keep indoor air as clean as possible if you are advised to stay indoors. Keep doors and windows closed. Turn on the air conditioner, but close the outside air intake and keep the filter clean to prevent smoke from entering.

How to make a good throw?

How to Make a Good Tiraje Grill

The fume hood acts as a funnel directing the fumes towards the chimney. The section (surface) of the chimneys for grills should be no less than one tenth of the mouth of the grill.

How does the anti-revocation cap work?

Anti-revoke cap:

This type of cap is based on the previous one. The only difference is that, in addition to the previous one, it contains a lateral band that, when it is windy or rainy, prevents the fall of water from entering the tube and prevents smoke from escaping.

How to clean the outside of an iron fireplace?

The best method for cleaning iron on the outside of a wood burning stove is to take some diesel oil and put it in a spray bottle. We spray the iron with a little diesel both outside and inside and with a clean cloth we clean and spread.

How to clean the barrel of a wood stove?

To be able to clean it efficiently, it is necessary to light the fireplace with completely dry wood and with the air intake at maximum. Once it cools down, you can clean it with moistened newspaper and glass cleaner.

Where is the draft of a chimney?

It is the depression that originates at the base of the chimney, as a consequence of the pressure difference created by the gases contained in it (smoke) and the column of external air, of the same height as the chimney itself.

How to remove soot from the chimney?

Take sodium hydroxide, either in powder or crystal form, and dilute it in hot water. Caustic soda will be more effective the hotter the water. Immediately vaporize this mixture on the stones, leaving it to act for half an hour. It will only be rinsing with water.

How to clean a cast iron stove?

If there is very sticky dirt, add salt and oil and rub lightly with kitchen paper. If it’s still dirty, reapply water. But not too long, because the water oxidizes the iron. Never use soap.

How to clean a salamander on the outside?

The simplest way is to use wet paper napkins (or newspaper). First it is passed only wet and then the wet paper must be supported on the old ashes and then with that it is passed to the glass. In this way, it will have an abrasive effect on the black marks on the glass, taking off the soot stuck on.

Which Bonnet is best for a fireplace?

Vacuum cap or rolex

It is really useful in those chimneys with draft problems, since by sucking in the smoke something more similar to what normal operation should be is achieved. In our online store you can find this type of caps made of stainless steel, vitrified or galvanized.

How does the Venturi hat work?

How do venturi bonnets work? The operation of these types of caps with a venturi effect is based on generating a depression in the upper area of ​​the cap to cause the air to rise and not plaster inside.

Which hat is better for the salamander?

As for the material from which it is made, the best would be stainless steel since it does not suffer from inclement weather beforehand, although this material is more expensive than the options of buying it in vitrified or galvanized.

What is the best draft for a grill?

the run

To calculate the size of the chimney, it is necessary to make an easy calculation: the surface of the draft must be no less than 10 percent of the surface of the inlet of the grill. That is to say: if the hole measures 90 x 50 centimeters, it has an area of ​​4,500 square centimeters.

How is the draft of a grill calculated?

For the output of the draft, and the draft itself, we must first calculate the surface of the mouth of our grill (which is almost always a rectangle). So, the geometric calculation is “Base times Height”. Come on, it’s simple. To the result we calculate 10% for circular prints and 15-18% for rectangular ones.

How to prevent smoke from entering the house?

Apply weather stripping to windows to block outside smoke. Smoke could enter through windows if one of your neighbors smokes on her balcony or patio. If this happens, keep the windows closed and install weather stripping to prevent smoke from entering the apartment.

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