Why has Lolita gone from Your face sounds familiar to me?

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The first Semifinal of the ninth edition of ‘Your face sounds to me’ has had a great absence among its protagonists. As soon as the gala began, before greeting the jury, Manel Fuentes explained the reason for Lolita Flores’ absence tonight: “She went home because she had lice,” he joked.

Who replaced Lolita in Your face sounds like me?

After the news, Manel has been in charge of revealing the name of the person who has replaced Lolita Flores during this program: Silvia Abril. The humorist has been a jury for one night, of the program in which she herself competed, in its fourth edition.

When does your face sound familiar to me?

Antena 3 will broadcast the final of Your face sounds to me 9 this Friday, March 4, starting at 10:00 p.m. The program hosted by Manel Fuentes will say goodbye with a live gala, in which five contestants will fight for victory.

Who is the first semi-finalist of Your face rings a bell?

In ‘Your face sounds to me’, Nia Correia has emerged as the first finalist in this edition of the contest. Zapeando has wanted to comment on her last and unrepeatable performance with which she has managed to get the highest score, both from the public and from the jury.

Who won Your face sounds like yesterday 2022?

Agoney has emerged as the winner of the ninth edition of ‘Your face sounds like me’ with 53% of the public’s votes. This is how the final classification has been: Nia Correia, second classified with 26% of the votes. María Peláe, ranked third with 21% of the votes.

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Who won Your face sounds like yesterday 2021?

Agoney: “It’s the first time I’ve won something”

“It is impossible to do what you have done,” Carlos Latre assured after the young man’s performance. For his part, Chenoa has cataloged Agoney’s performance as “brutal”. Agoney has become the winner of this ninth edition of Your face rings a bell with 53% of the votes.

Who won Your face rings a bell last night?

‘Your face sounds like me’: María Peláe wins after moving with her imitation of Barbara Pravi (Eurovision)

When does Your face sounds familiar to me 9?

07:00? ? Your face rings a bell 9 | Next program: next Friday, January 21 at 10:10 p.m., the ninth program of the ninth edition of Your face sounds to me will be broadcast.

When is your face sound familiar to me?

The contest usually does a dress rehearsal on Mondays in order to record its finery on Tuesdays. This week will be different. The shooting schedule is pushed back a week; however, this change will not affect the broadcast of the program, since they have the various installments already recorded.

How many seasons does Your face sounds familiar to me?

‘Tu Cara Me Suena’ premiered in 2011 in Spain where it has been on the air for six seasons.

What cancer did Lolita Flores have?

The singer Lolita Flores was diagnosed and subsequently operated on for uterine cancer on December 23, 2009. The artist revealed it on the DEC program on Antena 3 TV. The eldest of the Flores clan openly recounted how she received the news. “In a routine cytology they detected cancer cells.

When does Your face sounds familiar to me 9 2021?

Your face sounds like me celebrates 10 years on the air with a new season of the program loaded with current musical hits, great classics and memorable performances that premieres on Friday, November 5.

When is Your face sounds like 2021?

It didn’t take long for Antena 3 to announce the return of one of its most successful and long-awaited programs. The new season of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’ arrives on Antena 3 next Friday, November 5, loaded with new features, and with some contestants who promise to make us really enjoy this new season of the ‘talent show’.

What type of cancer did Chenoa have?

In addition to “an early stage of uterine cancer, which I suffered at the age of 25, I have had endometriosis and also cysts,” she says. “I have been operated on twice by laparoscopy,” she added to the presenter of ‘Sálvame’ (Tele 5).

What cancer does Antonio Banderas have?

Antonio Banderas, tumor on his back

After the intervention, the biopsy revealed that it was a benign tumor. As this event coincided with the skin cancer of his ex-wife, Melanie Griffith, she decided to keep it a secret until years later.

What illness does Chenoa have?

This is the case of Chenoa, who has revealed that she has suffered from endometriosis and that it has caused her difficulties in being a mother. Like her, many women are diagnosed with endometriosis, a benign disease, but one that alters the patient’s quality of life.

Where to see your face sounds familiar to me season 3?

Top 5 Providers

    Netflix.fuboTV.Apple iTunes.

Where is Your face sounds like 2021 recorded?

Attend Your face sounds like a public

Address: Carretera, BV-1274, Km1, 08225 Terrassa, Barcelona.

Where do they record Your face sounds like me?

Set of Your face sounds to me – Sant Just Desvern, Spain – Movie/television studio | Facebook.

How to go public in Your face sounds like me?

In addition, we are at your disposal on the public service telephone number 932 106 600 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday to Thursday, and on Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at publico@gestmusic.es and on all our social networks. . Come to the public, surely you will repeat!

Where are the Pasapalabra studios?

Where is the plate and when is Pasapalabra filmed

Address of the Pasapalabra set: Estudios Atresmedia (Avenida Isla Graciosa, 13) in San Sebastián de los Reyes.

How much do they pay to attend television programs as an audience?

How much can I earn? Some programs do not pay, but you usually pay between 15 and 30 euros for programs (of several hours), and almost always with a sandwich or coffee. Therefore, if you decide to go once a week, you can get between 60 and 120 euros at the end of the month.

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