Why is the truffle so expensive?

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Very specific growing conditions

One of the main reasons why the truffle is so expensive is because in order for it to proliferate, very specific conditions must be met, both climatologically and on the ground, and very few areas of Spain combine these conditions, which contributes to the increase in the cost of the fungus .

Why are truffles so expensive?

A cool, rainy climate is needed, with arid and limestone lands. Some territories, such as Teruel, due to their weather conditions, have great exclusivity in their cultivation and that makes the price go up. In addition, depending on these conditions, the cost of the truffle can vary from one year to another.

What is the value of truffles?

10 apr 2021 11:05 p.m. The white truffle is one of the most expensive foods you can eat. Although its price varies depending on the season, it is usually between 2,000 dollars per pound (around 1,700 euros for 0.45 kilograms) and 4,000 dollars (about 3,365 euros).

How much does a kilo of truffles cost?

The price per kilo of the extra black truffle, which has a regular shape and is what we sell at Laumont. shop, it is usually sold at around €1,500/kg. For example, for a piece of about 50g it would be about €45.

What is the most expensive truffle in the world?

winning truffle

It is another large truffle, which has actually been classified as the most expensive, due to the fact that it has less weight, and it is sold at the same price as the previous truffle, for 300,000 euros.

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Which is more expensive the white or black truffle?

Feral and intense, the marketing price of the white truffle ranges between 2,000 and 9,000 euros per kilo, depending on the harvest obtained each season. The black truffle does not reach these values ​​in the market, being able to reach prices of up to 1,200 euros/kilo at some point due to its quality.

Which is better the black or the white truffle?

Our answer is always the same. The white truffle and the black truffle are not comparable. It’s like comparing a potato with a boletus or a potato with a carrot. The aroma, texture, color and taste are totally different.

How much is 1 kg of white truffle worth?

The price of the white truffle is between €2,000 and €6,000 per kilo. The white truffle is a very exclusive product and its production depends largely on the climatic conditions that occur in the places where it grows.

How much does 100 grams of truffle cost?

The nineteenth world auction was held in Alba, the capital of the white truffle, near Turin. An 850-gram truffle was sold for 85,000 euros. This year the market price is around 350 euros per 100 grams.

Where do truffles grow in Argentina?

BUENOS AIRES. – In the last decade the truffle business began to expand in Argentina and one of the pioneers in the sector is Trufas del Nuevo Mundo, an SME that has more than 50 hectares in the Buenos Aires town of Espartillar and by 2024 hopes to reach a production of 1,500 kilograms per year.

How much is a truffle worth in Argentina?

They call them black gold and they are, without a doubt, the crop with the highest relative price in all of Argentina. We are talking about the Tuber melanosporum, the famous black truffles, one of the aromatic mushrooms most admired by the gastronomic world, which can reach 3,000 dollars per kilo at auction.

How much does a kilo of truffle cost in Chile?

It is the Chilean black truffle, which is exported to countries such as France, Italy, Japan and England, for an approximate cost of 700 dollars per kilo, that is, 500 thousand Chilean pesos.

What is the price of the most expensive truffle?

The largest truffle was sold for 50,000 euros at the Sotheby’s auction in New York, weighing almost 2 kg, hence it has been crowned the largest in the world. It was discovered in Italy, where they are grown by a well-known company, and was purchased by a Taiwanese buyer who made the offer over the phone.

What is the truffle and what is it used for?

People often talk about the abundance of vitamins and minerals present in the truffle, a fungus that has very attractive medicinal and food properties. It is a very light food, with a moderate content of carbohydrates and fats, but generous in water.

What are the benefits of the truffle?

They contain vitamin C and B vitamins (B2, B3 and B9), essential to improve the immune system. They have antioxidants that fight the aging of our body. They help reduce blood glucose levels. They are used to lower bad cholesterol levels in the body.

How much does a truffle weigh?

It measures between 3 and 7 cm -sometimes 10 cm are collected- and weighs between 20 and 200 grams, although exceptionally they can exceed 600 g. The truffle releases allelopathic substances that prevent the growth of the grass around it, and this is sometimes a key to finding them.

Where do the truffles come from in Spain?

In addition to its growth in a natural state, Spain is considered the main producer of truffles grown in large areas of Navarra, Zaragoza, Teruel, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Logroño, Soria, Valencia and Catalonia mainly.

What is the flavor of the black truffle?

The black truffle stands out for the intensity of its aroma and its delicious, slightly bitter flavour. It is shown that it contains more than 50 aromatic compounds, which when mixed achieve a very charismatic smell.

What is the most expensive mushroom in the world?

Truffles go through a long growth process and can reach thousands of pesos for their exclusive flavor and the unique touch they give to food.

How much does a truffle cost in Colombia?

An average truffle weighs around 20 to 30 grams. In Colombia, with 50,000 pesos you can get about 30 grams.

Which truffle is better?

The Italian white truffle is considered the best in the world, it is wild, it is only found in the Piedmont region (and in some areas of Croatia), and its price alternates between 2,000 and 9,000 euros per kilo in years in which the scarcity causes the truffle madness.

Where is the best truffle?

It should be noted that Spain is not only the leading producer of black truffles in quantity, but also in terms of quality and aromatic intensity. The best options to find this valued delicacy is found in truffle temples with provinces such as Huesca, Teruel, Soria or Castellón.

Where do the best truffles grow?

The natural habitat in which wild truffles proliferate is in the forests of the south of France, in those of Italy and of course in those of Spain, which today is considered the main producer in the world, with provinces as outstanding as Teruel, Soria , Castellón, Huesca, Navarra, Valladolid and Girona…

How to know if it is a white truffle?

The veins that cross the gleba are white, fine, numerous and sinuous. Firm consistency, with a soft touch and cut, almost soapy, crumbles easily. The most characteristic feature is its intense, very complex smell, a mixture of gas, fermented cheese and garlic. The flavor, less intense, is pleasant, with lilac notes.

What types of truffles are there?

There are four different species of truffle that have sufficiently important qualities to justify a more detailed presentation, namely the black truffle (Tuber melanosporum), the brumale truffle (Tuber brumale), the white summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) and the white summer truffle. Dawn (Tuber magnatum).

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