Why work with your own name?

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The proper name is a good writing model because it can be represented graphically through writing and has an important affective charge, being an important part of their identity, which produces great motivation to learn it.

Why teach the proper name?

The proper name gives a sense of belonging within the family, the community and the whole world, since it indicates who is there, who is missing, to whom certain things are directed and that is also the reason why it is accompanied by surnames, it is This is why it is important to teach him his full name from an early age.

How to work with the proper name?

➽ Draw a picture to give to a friend. Sign it with your own name, and dedicate it with the name of the friend, resorting, if necessary, to the copy model (the posters). ➽Invite the children to model the names with strips of plasticine.

How to work on the proper name in primary school?


Give each child a card with their name to see if they know what it says there. See that it says the same thing on the card that is on the table, coat racks, filing cabinets… and that the text is their name.

How to start working on the proper name in preschool?

Give the students a card with a name other than their own, look for their name among the rest of their classmates. Leave the names on the table and let each one take their own. Leave a name on the table and let the corresponding child pick it up. Write a name on the board and see if anyone recognizes it.

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What is the proper name for preschool?

The proper name is the first text that a child wants to recognize (read) and write. He is also interested in the names of his parents and siblings, his classmates and teachers, pets, favorite objects, etc.

How to work the DNI at the initial level?

“Building identity from the first room of the initial level is looking at each baby, recognizing it, deciphering it, caring for it, holding it, accompanying it, trying to understand it and teaching it. It is playing, singing, caring for each one in its individuality, valuing its particularities and respecting it as a subject of law.

What does Emilia Ferreiro say about proper names?

Emilia Ferreiro describes it as a singular script with a strong emotional charge that cannot be compared to the emotional charge of other more neutral scripts, given that the written name is part of oneself, of one’s own identity (Ferreiro, 1979).

Why is it important to have a name for boys?

Right to a name and surname

This action supposes the immediate recognition by the State of the existence of the child, and the formalization of his birth before the law. In addition, her registration will allow the child to preserve her origins, that is, the kinship relationships that bind him to his biological parents.

What is the importance of a person’s name?

The name is our first sign of identity, what identifies us and gives us entity. The surname is something relatively new, and in some cultures it did not exist almost until contemporary times, but the name has been there since prehistory, although we know little about it.

How important is a person’s name?

Speaking to people by name allows for a more direct and human approach, as well as strengthening a climate of trust.

Why do people have names?

Proper nouns are nouns used to designate people, places, events, companies, or things with a singular name. They refer to the naming effect. To name is to linguistically designate or determine an object or experience of the world as such, therefore in a unique and unrepeatable way.

What is the proper name according to authors?

The proper name is a name that refers to a single object, thus removing ambiguity in interpretation. The order of the letters is not random. The initial of the name stabilizes, becomes “my name” and serves to know the name and the conventional form of the letters.

What is taught first the vowels or the name?

It begins with the vowels, in the order /i, o, a, e, u/, followed by the consonants, generally with /p/ or /m/, which are easier for children, and with them the first syllables and words are formed.

How is reading and writing taught at the initial level?

Proposal of practical activities to teach reading and writing to children with learning problems

Work with posters of your own name and those of your classmates. …Cut out long and short names from newspapers.Cut out names with their own initials.Read pictures from stories.Anticipate pictures.

How to develop identity in boys and girls?

It begins when the child becomes aware of himself as a different person from those around him, and tries to define himself. His family environment, the interactions and the context in which he develops greatly influence the formation of his personal identity.

What is the DNI for initial children?

Obtaining the National Identity Document (DNI) from birth allows children to access various services, such as education and health, and also social programs if necessary, the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status indicated today ( Renéc).

What is the DNI for children?


It constitutes the only personal identity card for all civil, commercial, administrative, judicial acts and in general for all those cases in which, by legal mandate, it must be presented; which includes the right to suffrage of the person.

What is the proper name?

A proper noun is the name of a specific entity: for example, a person, organization, or place. Proper nouns always have their first letter capitalized. Name and surname of a person.

How long does it take for a child to learn to write his name?

Keep in mind that children are not really ready to learn to write until around the age of 6, when they have enough motor and brain maturity to have a certain command of verbal and written language.

What if a person doesn’t have a name?

If a baby is not registered by name, they are at risk of social exclusion, not having rights to basic services such as education or health care. It is also impossible for their childhood to be improved or affected by development policies or birth aids.

What is the name and what is it for?

The name is the exclusive designation that corresponds to each person. Perreau defines it as “the term used to designate people in a habitual way”. The name allows, by itself or with other circumstances, the identification of each person in relation to the others.

What does the name mean?

1m Word that designates or identifies animate or inanimate beings; p. eg, man, house, virtue, Caracas.

What is the name according to the Civil Code?

The name is the attribute of the personality that indicates a person individually, the name of the person in Law, is made up of a set of words or words whose proper combination results in the particularization of the natural person or person. morality in front of his peers and the …

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