How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp – Working Methods

How to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp? When you don’t have a slight idea of whether you are actually being ignored or not by the other person. The curious cat inside you obviously jumps around here and there eating you from inside. Thus, to take care of that cat of yours. Today I will be showing you three of the most common yet effective methods to be sure of whether your suspicions are true or false.

Ignoring people over WhatsApp is a really easy task. All you need to do is go to the person’s profile you don’t feel like talking to or getting bugged by. Then click on the drop-down menu at the top right end and select the Block option. It is that simple. But, what if the person getting blocked or ignored is not anyone else but you. The feeling is bad right? And a worse feeling than being blocked is not knowing whether the other person you suspect has actually blocked you or not.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

Hence, without any further delay let us look into the top two methods to know whether someone blocked you on WhatsApp or not. I will try to show you each of the following methods with the help of a screenshot. Examples so that you can have a better understanding of how to go on implementing them.

Methods to Find if Someone Blocked you on WhatsApp

Here we have compiled the 5 best methods to find out if someone blocked you on WhatsApp really. Try the methods that are given below to know if a person is ignoring you on purpose.

Profile Picture Updating Method

This one is the simplest and the quickest of all the methods. Hence, I thought to go with this first. Also even though this method is the quickest of all. Still, it may not be the most reliable one out there.

First, of all go to the person’s Whatsapp contact who you suspect to be the someone who blocked you on Whatsapp. You can never see the profile picture of the person who blocked you. If you find their profile picture empty, then this is a sign that you have been blocked by this person.

Methods to Find if Someone Blocked you on WhatsApp

You can already see from the below screenshot that his profile picture has been removed. This will most likely happen immediately after the other person has blocked you from his WhatsApp contact list. On the contrary, however, if you have poor internet speed then you might still be able to view his profile picture on your chat list.

Thus, to be sure you must go to his or her profile and try refreshing his profile. This way even if you have very poor connectivity then after a few attempts you will see no profile picture on their profile if they have blocked you.

However, if the other person has set their profile picture hidden, then this can also cause the profile update to be missing. So, we can’t be 100% sure that this someone blocked you on WhatsApp or just hiding their profile.

Check The Last Seen

Just like the profile picture, if someone blocked you on Whatsapp, you can’t also view their last seen status. So, go to his/her profile and check if the last seen status is showing or not. There is also a chance that the person has kept his/her last seen hidden. To be more sure, try the next method.

someone blocked you on whatsapp

Text The Contact

If you are unable to view their profile picture and last seen, then send a text message to know if this someone blocked you on WhatsApp or not. Your text messages will not be delivered to the person who blocked you in their contacts. If you get a double tick on your message, then it is sure that you are not blocked.

how to find out if someone blocked you on Whatsapp

Call The Contact

Now, if your texts are not showing double ticks, then just make a call to that person. If someone blocked you on WhatsApp, then your calls will not connect to that contact. However, if the person picked up your phone, then it was just you who was getting paranoid.

how to find who blocked me on whatsapp

Unfortunately, if this person didn’t even receive your WhatsApp call, then try the ultimate method to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp or not.

Group Creation Method – 100% Working

This method even though takes up a bit of your time and requires a little work, will give you the correct answer and is the most reliable trick to be sure of whether someone blocked you on WhatsApp or not.

In this method, I will try to create a group by adding two or three of my friends and also the one who I suspect has blocked me.  As you can see from the screenshot here I am trying to create a new group.

working method to know if someone blocked you on whatsapp

When creating the group, I will try to add 2 or 3 friends along with the one who I suspect has blocked me on Whatsapp. If you are blocked by a particular person, then you will not find him or her in your group. That’s it. You will easily know this way if someone blocked you on WhatsApp.


In this way, by taking the help of the above methods you can be sure of whether your friend or someone you care about has been trying to ignore you or not over WhatsApp. Even though it is a very upsetting feeling one must always respect the other person’s decisions or need at certain times.

Many times there is a good reason why someone might try to avoid a person. Thus the best way to resolve an issue is to confront the person face to face instead of being upset in such instances. For more informative guides, stay tuned to Techly Fire.

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